Column – The ‘thug world order’ and the most urgent issue: That wall must be destroyed!

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İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, “In the Cold War era, both poles were refraining from crossing the line. However, today, there are no rules left whatsoever.”

What he said is very true. Let’s take it up a notch: The world has lost the plot. It’s not like a “shift of axis” either. In a “shift of axis,” a country changes its place on the power map or is inclined to do so. Yet this time, we are talking about a “ruleless world,” “a thug-like international climate.”

The ‘thug world order’ era

In the past, there used to be certain countries that knew no rules and especially the Western alliance would identify these as “thug states” and attempt all kinds of operations to crush and collapse that country. Yet, in today’s “ruleless world,” international relations itself has become a “thug.”

States have turned into terrorist organizations; terrorist organizations have started to replace states; the discourses of democracy and freedom have been put away on the shelf for possibly the next 50 years; human honor and morality has been destroyed; the center powers that are the founding elements of the global system have personally opened the doors of the ruleless world.

Hence, multiple partnerships have become meaningless, giving prominence to dual and conjunctural alliances. The Atlantic alliance and the European Union’s “value” imperialism is in the trash, with power-based position-determining taking precedence over everything.

Terrorist organizations have become partners, states have become enemies

This new situation has two very important indications. A center country of the global system, like the U.S., is able to openly declare terrorist organizations as “partners” – and against one of its NATO alliances. In other words, the differentiation between states and terrorist organizations is becoming completely unclear.

They are able to carry out a covert war through the organizations they had announced as terrorists against a country with which they have been taking joint action for decades. This is the situation of the partnership the U.S. declared with the Syrian arm of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK), the Democratic Union Army (PYD).

The second example shows the sorry state that the EU has fallen into. As this Roman empire spanning from the Baltics to the Syrian border is rapidly losing power and turning in to a “German axis,” it has left its most radical world-scale discourse since World War II and surrendered to rising fascism.

EU’s foreign policy tasked to terrorist organizations

We are face-to-face with a very dramatic example of this: The EU has surrendered its relations with Turkey and the region in which we are located to racists and known terrorist organizations.

Those who write the EU Commission reports and OSCE observers all consist of persons and groups that clearly have relations with terrorist organizations.

This presents the very tragic reality that the EU has also declared terrorist organizations as partners and is carrying out a war against its alliances through terror.

If you look at EU-Turkey relations, you will see that Brussels’ relations with Ankara have been distressed by the PKK and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C). The covert truths concerning Daesh are no different to this either.

Wars are now between ‘big states’

Looking at it from this aspect, it is possible to say that the U.S. Department of Defense, which has established autonomy over regional politics, is the leader of the ruleless world and is preparing the ground for the “thug world order.” This means that there is a global tendency disconnected from morality, practice, multination agreements and instead, completely based on power.

There is an arm wrestling competition based on a power showdown. This is the concern behind many countries giving up hope on alliance relations, carrying their historic claims to today and making an effort to rebuild a future through these claims.

Frankly, we are now in the most dangerous period since World War II. The power war on small and medium-scale countries that has been ongoing to date, may now take place among center countries, among founding powers. This is a sign that wars, that major settlement of scores will take place between big countries, between center powers, not in small countries or front regions. This is where the danger lies.

Turkey hit terror, why is the US army angry?

Turkey has paid the heaviest price to date for the “ruleless new world reality.” It was hit by its own allies and betrayed. The countries with which it walked together, carried out business through partnerships, have, in recent years, started to attack Turkey.

The July 15, 2016 multinational intervention was like this. The U.S.’s declaring the PKK/PYD an ally and its project to create a zone in northern Syria that surrounds Turkey is like this.

The reaction shown to Turkey’s major airstrike hitting the PKK/PYD in both Syria and Iraq, with the U.S. soldiers putting on a show with PKK members right after the attack, is one of the tragic examples of the state-terrorism partnership.

From now on, “alliance relations” will provide security for no country. Of course, bilateral relations will continue, partnerships will be made, examples of cooperation will be displayed, but what is certain is that a regional map cannot be implemented through permanent partnerships.

Imminent danger, the most pressing issue

That corridor is the greatest and most imminent danger for Turkey. The corridor that stretches from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean and has been designed in a way to control all the southern gates in our country, is not limited to energy plans alone. It is not simply a terror corridor plan based on the PKK.

The real danger for us is Turkey’s southern gates being completely sealed off through that corridor and all its ties with the Arab/Muslim world being permanently cut off. This is the reality behind the project.

Then, the most pressing issue for Turkey is to negate that corridor. This is not a terrorism issue. It is a future plan aimed at centuries. A geography plan, it is a map issue. This project, which is both overtly and covertly supported from within and without, is part of the plan to destroy Turkey.

The siege must be broken, that wall must be destroyed

That siege must be broken regardless of who shows whatever reaction; interventions must be made from numerous regions in both Iraq and Syria. It shouldn’t be forgotten that nobody’s reactions are of greater priority than Turkey’s plans for the future.

Kobani, Afrin, Tal Abyad, Manbij, all these regions must be purged, PKK elements must be eliminated. Daesh should not be our sole target in this area; we should not allow ourselves to be blinded by focusing on Daesh alone.

In this “ruleless world,” Turkey is obliged to turn to having utmost power, defense, arming itself and to be on alert against much greater crises. Partnerships with the U.S. and “ally” powers should take shape in accordance with this new situation, there should be no hesitation from “showing power” and being determined.

Because this is no longer a world in which alliance relations can be a deterrent, but power and determination. This is why, regardless of whichever way it is done, that wall must be destroyed, that siege plan must be negated. Turkey must activate its fields of influence in the entire region and form the utmost centers of resistance.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on April 28, 2017)