Yemen announces reopening of Al-Mokha port after its liberation from Houthis

The government of Yemen announced that work is underway to reopen Al-Mokha port on the country’s Red Sea coast, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.

Yemen’s Deputy Minister of Transport Nasser Sharif told his country’s news agency, “The ministry is working to take the necessary measures to conduct work in the ports of Al-Hodeidah and Al-Mokha” after their liberation from Houthis and that it is assessing procedures to “transfer the presidency of the Red Sea Ports to Al-Mokha after the government’s approval.”

Sharif said the port of Al-Hodeidah has been stopped, noting that it has become an outlet for smuggling of weapons and money, which the militia are benefiting from by controlling the port’s trade activities.

The restoration of the port of Al-Hodeidah by the Yemeni government and their coalition partners will be a major blow to the Houthis who use the port as a channel to transport weapons and as well as disrupt maritime navigation.

70 Yemenis transported for treatment in Sudan

To relive the suffering of Yemenis affected by the civil war, a batch of injured Yemenis from Taiz governorate was transported to Sudan for treatment at the expense of Saudi King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSRelief).

The center also provides medical equipment and medication to injured people in all Yemeni governorates, in addition to offering treatment for Yemenis in hospitals affiliated with the Health Ministry at the southern border and providing them with adequate medical care.