Somali President Declares War Against Al Shabaab, Extends Amnesty to Fighters

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has declared war against Al Shabaab and extended amnesty to those who will renounce the terrorist group over the next 60 days, effective Thursday, April 6.

“Fighters who renounce their extremist ideologies will be welcomed, demobilised and reintegrated into society,” said President Farmajo.

He made the declaration while presiding over a Cabinet meeting in Mogadishu on Thursday.

The Somali leader said that the country was at war and urged citizens to support the national forces confronting the extremists.

“I declare that Somalia is in a state of war with Al-Shabaab. I order the security forces to be alert and take part in pacifying the country. This will not be a war for only the security agencies, we want the public to stand by us,” said President Farmajo.

He said that the Horn of Africa country faces “triple threats of terrorism, corruption and poverty,” and asked for concerted efforts from all sectors to help tackle them.

“Let’s face these threats together,” said President Farmajo.

The president’s declaration comes soon after Cabinet approved new security commanders. General Mohamed Ahmed Jimale alias Irfid was appointed commander of the Somali National Army.

Abdullahi Mohamed Ali alias Sanbaloolshe, a former ambassador to the UK and Turkey was appointed the commander of the National Intelligence and Security Agency while General Abdihakim Dahir Said alias Saaed will serve as the police commander.

General Hassan Hussein Osman was appointed the new commander of the Custodian Corps (prisons’ forces).