A Bomb Blast Targeted Police Training Center in Egypt

A bomb blast targeted a police training center in Egypt’s Nile Delta city of Tanta, wounding 13 policemen and three civilians. 

The Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement that the bomb was planted on a motorcycle parked near the center, which was cordoned off following the blast as security forces combed the scene.

A health ministry spokesman said that two of the wounded are in a critical condition.

Louwaa el Thawra [The Revolution Brigade] a newly emerged militant group, claimed responsibility for the attack via Twitter.

The group’s statement reads, “A training center for the police militias has been targeted in Gharbia province with a highly explosive device … our fighters withdrew safely after completing the mission.”

Two days ago, Egyptian security forces defused a bomb inside the Mary Girgis Church in the western province of Gharbia, Tanta.

Lewaa al-Thawra has claimed responsibility for several attacks on security forces in recent months.

The group said it had murdered a high-ranking army officer outside his home near Cairo in October 2016.

In fact, Brigadier General Adel Rajaaie, 52 years, an armored division commander who had served in northern Sinai, was the most senior military official to be assassinated in Cairo since the eruption of violence.

It also claimed responsibility for an August attack on a security checkpoint in Menoufiya governorate, where two policemen were killed and five were injured.

Earlier this week, the group released footage condoling four of its “martyrs” and pledging to continue its operations in Egypt.