Column: Throw that photograph in their faces! We won’t give up so easily

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

We decided on July 15 what plans the men lined up in front of the pope had with Turkey, what kind of future they were headed toward, what kind of identity-aligned partnership they took refuge in and, while doing this, at which centers their plans adjusted to divide Turkey were made at.

We understood the reason behind the hate language used by Germany, by European countries, the plans behind it when the people’s assembly was bombed that night. We understood who drove the tanks over our people, who fusilladed innocent people, who made the plans and who the hitmen were.

Dialogue was a Western idea, a Vatican project

We saw whose subcontractor and the product of which plan the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was and for what kind of Turkey project it was used. We always knew what they marketed as “dialogue” was part of the meeting held in Rome, under the pope’s presidency. We always wrote that the dialogue project was a product of the Vatican, that it was adjusted to divide Turkey, that it was a Western idea.

While some continued their Abant meetings, while they used every opportunity to ingratiate themselves with FETÖ, while they were making power and wealth from there and lining up to be hosted in Pennsylvania, we saw the approaching danger.

Nobody should sell us the European idea ever again

Nobody should try and sell us April 16 justifications now. Nobody should claim that this conflict, this showdown, this settlement of scores is indexed to the April 16 referendum. Nobody should try to spread outcries in Turkey such as the country is becoming authoritarian, its dictator tendencies are starting to surface, it is being dragged into a dangerous future using European Union language.

Nobody should try to bring us in to line and try to draw a political path for Turkey with the Europe stick. Nobody should try to make indirect proposals such as, “We will be your likely partners,” to the West.

Nobody should try to make the historical reasons behind the deep fracture between Turkey and the West forgotten and create other justifications, to make our nation vulnerable toward poisoning, threats and attacks. Nobody should do these to weaken this country’s extraordinary state of alert, its self-defense efforts. Nobody should try to fill the vacuum left by FETÖ to make room for the West to take the country hostage once more.

Throw that photograph in their faces!

Whoever attempts to do these, throw in their faces that photograph taken in Rome. Throw those hate publications in European newspapers in their faces. Throw the publications containing enmity toward Islam, enmity toward Turkey in front of them. Don’t forget, after this point, whoever uses European media’s language when speaking or tries to market that political discourse on the inside, is part of that major operation, part of that photograph and directly tasked by them.

Whether they like it or not, that date range has closed. Even if they activate FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Democratic Union Party (PYD), even if they mobilize all the influence agents we know and don’t know, after all that has happened, they are not going to be able to win Turkey’s trust.

Evil has been identified but we won’t give up

From now on, we are solely going to focus on defense, on preventing the new threats to come from them, to prevent that enmity, to protect us and our country. The threat and evil has been identified; Europe’s Turkey plan has become clear, its enmity has been certified.

We are never going to kneel and beg to protect ourselves from this evil, to be sure of enmity. We will not give up. We are not going to display an apologetic attitude. We are not going to try to ingratiate ourselves with them, try to take refuge in them. We are not going to take place in the same partnerships with them and choose to stomach these insults, choose to forget.

Because they carried the fury and hate of centuries to today. We know that every single anti-Turkey news story in any European newspaper, on any European TV channel, every anti-Turkey statement made by its politicians has a past and is not a new thing.

We are not going to take place in the civil war this time round

When making this defense, we know that we have to form new islands of resistance throughout the region. We know that if Turkey collapses, the region will collapse. It has always been this way in history. Then, supporting Turkey, backing it, especially in this global attack atmosphere, is the entire region’s obligation from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts.

We are facing what we faced in the early 20th century. The enemy is the same, the threat is the same, the target is the same, the victim region and nations are the same. But this time we are not going to take place in their civil war. We are not going to side with any of them.

We said ‘nuclear,’ UK papers took alarm

We are going to watch their collapse, their settlement of accounts, their going through that painful history once again and take a lesson from it. We are going to watch the division among Europe, the extraordinary activity in the Baltics, the doomsday war scenarios in the Pacific and strengthen our own shields. We are going to focus on our own country, our own region.

They fly into a range when Turkey says, “We need to mobilize for extraordinary defense by taking into account the globally rising threats or threats directed to itself, including nuclear weapons.” European newspapers, U.K. newspapers line up to omit the “nuclear” statement, mix in a heap of lies and then present the news. Their intention is to pump a new Turkey fear into the entire West.

They are going to destroy everything

In any case they were clashing with Turkey; a new attack frenzy similar to the Crusades had been launched against Turkey. If they could, they would tear Turkey into pieces, destroy everything before April 16. They want to catch this country off guard to do the same things. All the pressures they are going to make from this day onward are going to focus on this area, to sabotage efforts aimed at strengthening Turkey’s defense.

What should we have done? Were we going to just sit there and wait while the prepared for the doomsday war? Were we going to just sit there and wait for those who took action to divide this country into pieces on July 15 to make a new attack? No such thing is happening. Two years ago, we called this “relentless resistance.” We said this because we predicted that these days would come. We said it because we saw what was being planned. We said it because we predicted what Turkey was going to face.

April 16 turned into a global matter, why?

The April 16 referendum is no longer an internal politics preference. It has become a part of the game of states, a power struggle. The matter is no longer a matter of Turkey, it has turned into a world-scale issue. Why? Why has it become so major? What are they so afraid of? What is going to happen after April 16, why are they trying to stop this?

It is because they are no longer going to be able to defeat this country. Because Turkey is going into the uncontrollable area. Because our nation started the great history walk. Because this wind cannot be reversed.

That critical threshold will be overcome too, we are going to continue on the path

Regardless of how much noise they make, regardless of how much they swear, they water has found its course. They are shouting and yelling in vein. This great mobilization cannot be prevented through media operations, political outbursts, image efforts, threats or extortions.

If those using hate talk against Turkey were to look at the hate wave about to erupt in their midst, they would at least do something right for themselves.

We are not worried. April 16 is going to be overcome along with so much else. We will identify the threats. We will strengthen our defense shields and continue on our path. Just like we did in the past. Just like we did in the Crusades period.


*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on March 30, 2017)