Saudi police officer reportedly shot dead by gunmen in Qatif

A security officer was gunned down Tuesday evening by terrorists in Qatif, a Saudi police statement said.

Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, Interior Ministry spokesman, said the incident took place after a police patrol suspected a vehicle carrying two men and asked the driver to pull over. Instead, the driver started shooting at the police, killing one officer.

Al-Turki said the terrorists fled after hijacking another car at gunpoint. The hijacked vehicle belonged to a doctor who was accompanied by his wife and waiting in the parking lot at the Qatif Central Hospital. Security agencies are searching for the culprits.

Investigations revealed that the terrorists’ vehicle was reported stolen in Dammam on April 4 last year. Upon searching the car, police found Molotov cocktails ready for use, Al-Turki said, adding the culprits had swapped the license plate with one from another car.

“The incident confirms the extent of the criminal behavior and the deviant ideologies of the terrorists, who have no regard for innocent lives, patients visiting the hospital or passers-by,” Al-Turki said.

He added that the car intercepted by police belonged to wanted terrorist Mustafa Ali Abdullah Al-Madad, who was killed by police on Saturday when he opened fire on authorities in Awamiya.

The ministry previously announced the names of wanted terrorists who had targeted civilians, security men and public institutions in Qatif. The list included Mohammed Al-Ammar and Ali Al-Hamad, both Saudis.