Morocco’s PJD party: No UC and USFP in coalition, otherwise no government

The current deadlock in the formation of the Moroccan government received this morning another twist in the tail, adding up to the seemingly infinite negotiations between the PJD party and the RNI party, with this latter negotiating on behalf of 3 other parties, USFP, UC, and MP, in a bet to include them in a would-be coalition.

The Justice and Development party issued a statement this morning stressing that a would-be government coalition will only include the parties that took part of the former one, meaning that they are categorically against Aziz Akhenouch negotiating to include the UC and USFP parties.

The Justice and Development party said that the rationale behind their decision is to enforce democracy in the kingdom, and protect the political, democratic, and social gains accumulated in Morocco throughout a long-term process of reform the country is going through.