Algeria’s interest in world security stems from international solidarity principle: Official

The Director of the United Nations and Inter-regional Conferences at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Belaoura stressed Algeria’s interest in world security stemmed from the principle of international solidarity and its role “a stabilizer and pacifier in the region.” 

Algeria’s interest “in the settlement of conflicts and world security stems of the principle of international solidarity and its role as stabilizer and pacifier in the region,” Belaoura said in a workshop on “Women, peace and security in Africa” held on the sidelines of a conference on “The role of women in the resolution of conflicts.”

For her part, National Coordinator of UN Women Algeria Imane Hayef stated “only 3% of the UN missions for the promotion of peace and security are assumed by women,” stressing the importance of “encouraging women to participate in decision-taking related to peacekeeping and conflicts settlement within parliaments and security corps.”

In another on “The presence of women within Algerian security corps,” General Fatima Boudouani at the Ministry of National Defence highlighted the role of Algerian women through history, starting from resistance movement, the Liberation War and its role in the 1990s.

The opening of the school of Cadets of the Nation reflects the willingness of country’s leaders “to set up excellency hubs to train women opting for a military career,” said Boudouani, emphasizing fair access to schools for girls and boys.

“Algeria is among leading countries in terms of presence of women within the People’s National Army (ANP) and security corps,” she said.

Representative of the Directorate General of National Police (DGSN), Police Commissioner Khawas Yasmine affirmed the Algerian police had opened its doors to women many years ago.”

Representative of the Command of the National Gendarmerie Commander Chalabi Razika recalled that women joined security corps for the first time in 1985.