Algeria’s Legislative elections: Bouteflika calls on people to go massively to polls

Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Saturday called the Algerian people to go massively to the polls in the legislative elections of May 4. 

“As we are celebrating our country’s glorious history on this National Martyr Day, our people is getting ready for the legislative elections to vote for their representatives at the People’s National Assembly (lower house of parliament), and I seize this opportunity to call on  the children of our country to exert their right to choose their deputies by going massively to the polls,” President Bouteflika said in a message read on his behalf by the presidency of the Republic’s adviser, Mohamed Ali Boughazi, on the occasion of the national Martyr Day (Feb 18).

The head of State assured the Algerian people that their free and sovereign choice will be respected within the framework of the Constitution and Law.

President Bouteflika said “the recovery of our sovereignty and right to preside over the destiny of our country and our freedom of individual and collective choice is the fruit of heavy sacrifices made by one and a half million martyrs, dead for Algeria to live and for its children to enjoy the benefits of liberty and independence.”