Qatar to allocate millions in financial support to Gaza, Hamas says

Senior Hamas official and former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh revealed on Saturday that Qatar is set to allocate millions of dollars in financial support for different projects in the besieged Gaza Strip.

During a ceremony granting housing to Gazans whose homes were destroyed during the last Israeli military offensive on the small territory in 2014 that left tens of thousands homeless, Haniyeh announced that Qatar agreed to allocate $100 million in funds for housing reconstruction projects every year.

 Saturday’s ceremony initiated the second stage of a Qatari reconstruction project known as Hamad City.
The first stage of the residential project, located in Khan Yunis, will reportedly house 860 beneficiaries in 1,060 residential units, who were selected through an electronic draw.
The residential project consists of three phases.

The Hamas official also said that Qatar agreed to build a hospital in Rafah city in the southern Gaza Strip at a cost of $21 million.In addition, $10 million were donated to build a hospital in the Gaza Strip for people with special needs, Haniyeh said.

Haniyeh said Qatar also agreed to give a $30 million bank guarantee to start work on a new electricity line from Israel, known as project 161.
Coordination is ongoing between Qatar and Turkey to try to alleviate Gaza’s electricity crisis, added Haniyeh.Qatar also agreed to contract Palestinian teachers from the Gaza Strip to work in Qatari schools.