Kuwaiti cabinet ‘may resign’ this week

Kuwaiti government in strong show of support of Shaikh Salman Al Humood

Kuwaiti people are holding their breath as the nation looks forward to the decision of the government regarding the looming no-confidence vote by lawmakers over the minister of information and youth.

Reports in the northern Arabian Gulf country said the government would most likely resign this week to show its unwavering support of Shaikh Salman Al Humood and avoid having him go through the parliament’s voting process on February 8.

At least 30 lawmakers have said they would vote against Shaikh Salman keeping his post in the cabinet formed late last year following the parliamentary elections.

The minister last week faced questions from MPs over alleged administrative and financial irregularities.

“If nothing new happens, the government will most likely hand in its resignation next week,” a ministerial source told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Saturday.

“The government is still assessing its stance as it is facing difficulties reaching an agreement with lawmakers who had announced they would support the no-confidence motion,” the source that was not named said.

The alternative option of moving Shaikh Salman to another ministerial position and thus avoiding the voting next week has been ruled out, the source added.

“Such a move, even though is legal and constitutional, has not been successful politically and the government does not want to take that road. The government is also convinced that the lawmakers were after the minister, especially [after] he gave exhaustive answers to the lawmakers even when their questions were about unrelated topics.”

According to the source, the government was surprised that some of the lawmakers who had pledged not to go for the vote of no-confidence changed their minds and signed the petition against the minister.

“The situation was completed changed when more lawmakers called for holding the vote and the options for the government have narrowed a lot, making the resignation a strong possibility.”