Libya’s HoR: London’s investment conference legally invalid, places no obligations on Libya

The HoR has condemned the London investment conference on Libya as having no legal standing

The recently held conference in London on investment and the reconstruction of Libya is legally invalid and places no obligations on the Libyan state, the House of Representatives (HoR) said Monday.

In a statement carried by the eastern-based official Libyan state news agency, Lana, the HoR said that all agreements, memoranda of understanding or contracts that emerged from the economic forum in London on investment and reconstruction in Libya are void and do not entail any obligation on the Libyan state.

The statement was referring to unconfirmed news that some business agreements were signed at the conference.

The statement further added that all members of the HoR and local or international bodies, companies or institutions were not authorised to represent the HoR and attended only in their personal capacity.

It stressed that the gathering convened without the authorization of the legitimate authorities of the Libyan state and in violation of domestic and international laws and conventions as the Government of National Accord had not obtained the confidence of the Libyan parliament, the HoR.

It will be recalled that the London-based Middle East Association and the Libyan British Business Council, with British government support, organized the Libya Reconstruction & Investment Forum held in London’s Lancaster House on 26 January. The event was headlined by Presidency Council deputy president Ahmed Maetig and was attended by a number of HoR members.

The HoR condemns the London investment conference on Libya as having no legal standing (Lana)