Column: Referendum, the Turkey miracle and the US’s Orange Revolution

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

The constitutional referendum is the final point of Turkey’s systemic transformation. In President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s words, it is transcending the “critical threshold.” As a result of a painful struggle, mostly in the last decade, the current point reached by paying high costs will also be overcome and Turkey will continue its great walk that has been continuing through centuries by generating a new historic turning point.

Because this struggle is not strictly an internal political struggle, but geographical; a wrestle that endures the destructive waves aimed at our country. It is the struggle to reinforce the country and state in accordance with the new global power map, rescue it from all the tutelage remains of the 20th century and to draw the state power that is limited to a strict circle or group to the legitimate area, to an upper league.

We will defend at the cost of our lives

Both the political decision makers and social collective consciousness are behind this transformation, this struggle to re-establish Turkey. They supported it to this day, encouraged those who led this transformation with their strong instincts and mind and, lately, have attempted to defend at the cost of their lives.

Because our nation, country and political mind knows that it cannot resist global-scale storms any other way, that surrendering is destruction and that on the contrary, Turkey can remain standing by growing stronger, larger and transforming itself and giving strength to defense shields and that it has no other option.

Those weakening the struggle will be excluded from history

Our nation has come to realize the significance of the war that has moved all the way to our borders, how the new map plans imposed on our country are about destroying the future. Our nation knows that the defense mentality, the method of begging and asking for mercy, is slavery and that it would be missing out on this historical opportunity forever, it would be burying the great Turkey dream. In this state, weakening and contaminating this great struggle through daily brawls, personal interest plans and childish actions cannot be forgiven.

Just as those who tried to stop Turkey’s great walk, those who made partnerships within and outside and all together set a trap against the country for this purpose lost, if they thought they would control the opinions of the history-maker backbone, if they experienced grave disappointments after every attack attempt, those who want to weaken this struggle through their personal gains, obstinacy, pubescent reactions, will, when the time comes, be pushed outside of history.

Very large steps, petty arguments

Turkey is taking very large steps but is arguing over very insignificant matters. In this sense, a serious gap appeared between the leading mission of politics and social enthusiasm and intellectual depth. Of course, it is not possible to sacrifice these big steps for the shallowness, whims and wishes of those who have not and will not be able to put together a single strong statement in their lives. But still, this sad picture is concerning.

Yet, the transformation taking place is one that will serve as a lesson for world politics. There is a Turkey that resists heavy multinational attacks, that overcomes these, that does not step back, that overcomes all resistance points and reaches its aim. A new power is joining the field of global power. The things this power, which could not be stopped through even the heaviest attacks since World War I, is going to say to Turkey, to the world, should be prepared from now.

The ‘Turkey miracle’ should be told to all

Discussions that need to surpass even the Turkey scale, the “Turkey miracle” should have been and should be told properly for the world’s political history. This “Turkey miracle” should be made to stand out as a role model for our close surroundings, for our region. Some arguments are badly blinding. We were forced to look in front of us for so long that we should now lift up our heads and look around us, look at the world too.

Because some of the developments taking place and expected to take place in many countries around the world, are almost the same as those which Turkey has gone through, faced and overcome in the last five years.

They are facing the same things they did to us

Whatever they did to us, they are now starting to face themselves. Arguments and fights are starting within the state, within the system and in areas of power. The supra-nation structures they suggested and imposed as role models to us for years are starting to disintegrate, to collapse. Center powers are being dragged into a very dangerous area of conflict instead of forming a common world order.

The settlement of accounts over resources is getting rougher. Center countries are now starting to target one another, let alone the countries they are holding under tutelage, to feed the starving economies. In the near future, the world might divide into two big camps such as East and West and the fault lines between these two camps will be activated. Many crises similar to the Syrian war might erupt in other parts of the world.

Is the ‘Orange Revolution’ pushing US doors?

Hence, there is benefit in carefully following the discussion taking place in the U.S. The CIA directing operations similar to those it conducted against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) against U.S. President Donald Trump, the conflict in the power areas inside the U.S., the street reaction that is tried to be popularized, is not limited to Trump’s personality or antipathy.

The “Orange Revolution” frenzy they tried in Ukraine, in Georgia, through which they dragged numerous countries to instability, seems to have moved into the U.S. This fury, which declares its president as a traitor, as an agent, might tame that president, but Trump’s extraordinariness might lead to very deep drifts, disintegrations and crises in the U.S. and throughout the world. A new wave of fascism might put pressure on the borders of the Muslim world and tear Europe into pieces.

‘Disturbing’ possibility and the ‘Middle East priority’

Since there is no longer a European Union dream left, new blocs, alliances and fronts may be formed within the EU. While the West is dividing into camps within itself, an operation might be launched aimed at pillaging Russia’s resources, invasive interventions aimed at stopping and destabilizing China might stand out.

With the rise of the far-right in Europe after Trump, the West might become paranoid about losing its global dominance to Asian powers and this could lead to crazy actions. Or, to export the pressure on the inside, Trump might make traumatic, very dangerous attempts in other countries, other regions and particularly in Turkey’s close surroundings.

The terror partnership in former President Barack Obama’s term might continue with even more dangerous map impositions. The “disturbing” possibility and the “Middle East priority” which President Erdoğan mentioned before his Africa visit adds to such concerns.

That ‘threshold’ will be overcome, a new table will be set

The discussions in the U.S. give the clues to all these possibilities. Hence, while Turkish politics – its intellectual mind – is focusing on the transformation inside, it is also obliged to carefully follow, question and identify these new inclinations around the world. Right at this point it becomes compulsory to make big, strong and brave statements.

This country’s largest weapon is its own self-defense. For Turkey, which has been fighting against consecutive multinational attacks since the Gezi Park events, ending all those attacks being carried out with all the intelligence extensions on the inside, including terrorist organizations, will be possible only once it completes its own systemic transformation.

After that moment onward, Turkey is also going to place everything in its hands on the table and become a country focusing more outside than it is on the inside. Therefore, that “critical threshold” must be overcome, Turkey’s hand must be strengthened. At this stage, every resistance will, in some way, be seen as a new means for outside intervention.

The constitutional referendum is a struggle for Turkey

Those using FETÖ as a very heavy weapon against our country, are, from now on, going to work with a much different circle and carry out operations through them. I personally believe that discussing all our ideas and opinions, our political approach through Anatolia’s common political identity is an obligation and that the indigenousness test is possible this way only.

Because in the past, many, thinking it was their own idea and thoughts, made deals over operations that would dynamite this country. We no longer have such a luxury, there will no longer be any room for such thoughts in Turkey.

Hence, everybody must and will do their part for the constitutional referendum. If necessary, they will go from door to door, considering this a struggle for Turkey, considering it the final stage of the century-long showdown.

New history of rising and the endurance test

Turkey will start its new history of rising against global-scale plans to divide and shrink. There is no longer any turning back from this path or stepping back. It is now a known fact that those who have such intentions are going to experience disappointments again.

The pause and recession in Europe, the clash of power in the U.S., the showdown between center powers and the war over resources created a power vacuum for Turkey. We call this an opportunity offered by history and we are going to take advantage of it. As a matter of fact, Turkey is a country that has reinforced itself through everything that it has faced and overcome. It is a country that is prepared for even bigger crises. It is a country that has increased its resistance against the storm the world is going to be dragged into.

This path will be tread; there is no other option

Let us also note that many countries – as a matter of fact, many countries that have carried out operations against Turkey – do not have the strength to stay on their feet during this great storm. Once the historical transformation of nations is onset, it will not stop. And it could go on for centuries. This is the scale of the cause shouldered by Turkey amid such a struggle. So keep your feet steady, do not let your knees shake and never fall into despair.

Because this path will be tread.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017)