Column: From defense to attack: A century-long struggle for independence and victory

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

They came with their terrorist organizations. They united the organizations. They released them against Turkey. They carried out consecutive massacres. They tried to collapse social psychology through fear. They tried to shake the nation’s trust in the government and break its hopes for the future.

It didn’t work, they could not succeed.They plotted coups. They attempted to topple the government through capital operations. They marketed the plan to collapse the country, take control over it, and give it hostage to the U.S. tutelage through the corruption discourse. They hit the public from its weakest point. The Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 operation in 2013 was such a coup attempt.

It didn’t work, they could not succeed again.

It was the lowliest, dirtiest destruction plan in history

They activated the staffed structures which they hid within the system, fed and organized for decades. They signaled to the elements forming the Turkey leg of the U.S. and European intelligence organizations. They released to the field their apparatuses within the military, police, civic bureaucracy and capital circles.

They attempted to destroy the state, nation, Turkey, this country’s dreams for the future through weapons, tanks and aircraft. They activated the ugliest, harshest, lowliest scenario in history.

They implemented a destruction plan – not a coup— a plan to divide Turkey, and not to change the government. In addition to Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists, they included in the choir the people and circles that seem distant from them, that seem like they are against them, but are all somehow their “men” and work for those pro-tutelage powers. Because an ultimate showdown was taking place.

According to them, this would be the final coup; the aim would have been reached. July 15 was such a plan. It was the heaviest attack in the country’s history, it was an invasion attack. It didn’t work, they could not succeed and would never succeed.

They all sought refuge in their owners: We will never forget you

Because Anatolia’s centuries-long experience, understanding and resistance had been activated. What was local, what was national had taken action. The people and cadres that gave direction to politics, the economy, media and social fields were destroyed and exhausted, defeated by the people through this attack. Immediately after July 15, Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) members, those licensed intelligence couriers, all fled to the countries they belong to one by one and in couples, sought refuge in their masters, their owners.

We will never forget this. We are going to constantly repeat it so we do not forget. We are going to tell every generation what they did particularly in the last five years. They failed because we renewed our historical memory; because we started to remember. This is why we became strong, why we negated those dirty scenarios before they caused trouble for the country. The moment we forget, the moment we divert our attention elsewhere, the moment we say “it’s all over” is when new ones will come.

That ‘critical threshold’ will be overcome, you can no longer stop it

They waged war against our optimism, our hope, our solidarity, against our trust in the country and nation, our plans for the future. They attack the moment you say, “Turkey’s future is bright.”

The moment we say, “This country is strong, it will succeed, it will complete that great walk, it will never become a front country, it will build its own future,” the moment we say, “It is about to overcome the critical threshold and once this threshold is overcome it will not be possible to defeat Turkey,” they impose a division map on us and attack. The moment we say, “Then we will impose our own map,” they mock us, weaken our argument and try to discourage us.

This is another attack that is as destructive as the July 15 attack. It is an attack aimed at breaking our faith in the country, nation, history, the future, our belief and self-confidence. Do not allow them to shake our confidence in this country. Do not allow scenarios aimed at obscuring our confident view of Turkey’s future.

This country cannot be ruled by slaves

Do not take seriously those proud, self-righteous, bossy, two-faced, spoilt persons. You be the ones to belittle them, trivialize them and ignore them. Because this is the psychological operation that they ran for decades. They acted like the owners, the masters of this country; they acted like wise men.

Yet, they were all slaves, they were all the toys of a master. The days of their slaves giving us advice are in the past. We busied those days with July 15 and will bury them further. We announced to the whole world that slaves cannot be masters to this country. We have proven that this country can no longer be ruled by slaves.

Yes, we are optimistic. What’s more is, we believe. We trust this country, our nation and in its future. We know that we can no longer be defeated, that the days in what governments are changed with a single order, the times which the nation was made to fear are in the past. We know that this country’s self-defense, its “ruthless resistance” has turned into the history-maker role. We know that those who have settled in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. or who knows what other capital and are shooting bullets from there, will, sometime later, be left breathless.

The fight is turning into a crisis between center countries

From now on, even if they attack with all organizations, conduct economic operations, re-activate all their networks of influence remaining inside, they are no longer going to be able to reach that goal. Look at the world, look at the surrounding countries. Look at the discussions in the U.S., U.S.-Russia relations, U.S.-China showdowns, the tensions in the East European-Baltic region and the shifting of fights over resources to other geographies.

Make the coldest analyses, do a reading of the world by standing as far from valor as possible. You will reach the same point. The focus on Turkey is shifting toward other regions. The world is being dragged toward other fights. The Syria-based crisis is turning toward a crisis between larger-scale, center countries. The global economic and political climate is becoming as rough as possible. It is right at this point that Turkey gains prominence, will gain prominence as a country that has survived the heaviest attacks, that has strengthened its resistance with these attacks.

Fires have started in the houses of those who brought the war to our home

This was the issue. The aim was to stop Turkey. It was to prevent it from growing. It was to break its resistance and confine it again into a certain axis. They couldn’t succeed at any of them, and what’s more is Turkey’s self-confidence, perhaps its resentments, and plans for the future became stronger. Those who planned to carry the war all the way to central Anatolia are now dealing with the fire in their own homes and they will continue to do so. Because those fires just started.

Those fleeing to Western capitals and firing at Turkey from there upon the orders of their owners will, a while later, start to become a burden even for those capitals. Groups like FETÖ are going to start becoming internal threats for the countries they are in. Those who appear to be journalists, intelligentsia are going to be thrown into a corner like a worthless item. They are going to be destroyed and forgotten because they are on the opposite side of the historical current. As this country, this nation stages its history-maker power, even their names will not be mentioned in this new history.

Attack period: I believe…

In his speech yesterday, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We are no longer in the defense period. We are in the attack period.” This statement was not a motivation of self-confidence. This statement and what the president has been persistently trying to explain in recent days was not only optimism either. I am sure what is being assessed is the kind of world that is forming, the kind of global power map that is shaping and they are working on Turkey’s place within this map.

I believe all these statements. I believe that Turkey can no longer be defeated by the scenarios played out both within and outside. I know that from now on we are going to watch a Turkey that is turning toward the outside, not inside.

This turn of history will take centuries

Even if it disturbs some, there is a wide area for Turkey on the new global power map. It has an area of movement even wider than some countries we currently call center powers. Because Turkey is in a period of rise. All the attacks we experienced in the recent years were aimed at negating this historical process. They could not succeed. They failed to prevent history; on the contrary, the transformation gained greater speed.

The historical transformation of countries, of nations is long-term. It might continue for centuries. This has always been the case in our history. The frozen history of the 20th century is over and the rising history of the 21st century has begun.

Protect the leaders

Watch this history-making backbone well. Protect history-making leaders and cadres. Do not think about one-day plans. Do not be victims of small plans. Take your place in this great walk. Clench your fists where necessary, expand your compassion as much as possible where necessary. Ignore intellectual terrorism and hired thoughts.

We have reached the final stage of systemic transformation

Turkey has reached the final stage of systemic transformation. The completion of this transformation will also be the start of turning toward the outside. Right at this period, be alert against all kinds of unrest, plots, dirty and bloody plans that will be launched in the country in the next couple of months.

They are not going to be able to succeed; but they will not give up trying new things either. They are going to try and occupy Turkey, slow down the transformation on the inside and reduce the role it will assume in the new world being established outside.

We know that it is now impossible for them to overcome the history-making backbone. We also know that those marketing themselves as Gurkhas in foreign countries, will see how their market values will plummet. But still, remaining alert to the last moment is a duty toward the homeland.

Constitution/referendum: A century-long fight for independence and victory

Frankly, I see the Constitutional amendment and referendum as the end of Turkey’s last War of Independence. What Erdoğan refers to as the “Attack period” is, probably, the end of the last War of Independence: in other words, the closing of the defense period, the start of a new political history. In other words, it is the post-referendum period. In other words, it is the moment Turkey wins the real century-long war of independence.

I believe this. I also believe it emotionally. Looking at the new global map that is about to form, I see the same picture.

Make sure you look at Turkey and the world through your own eyes – not others’. Look at it through Anatolia, the streets of this country. You will see the same thing.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017)