Column: Whatever you do; this nation will not surrender, you cannot defeat it

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül*

Try as many July 15s as you like, you cannot stop this nation’s walk. You cannot change the fate of nations or countries. You cannot prevent the big change aimed at the 21st century. You cannot take over Turkey, or make it cower.

Regardless of the number of organizations you push to the field, you cannot weaken the capacity of the people of Anatolia. You cannot destroy their faith, break their determination and resistance. Even if you push to the field the other organizations you prepared for mass slaughters against Turkey, like you used the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Daesh and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), you still will not be able to achieve your aim.

The people’s backbone will never surrender to you

Regardless of the kind of terrorist attacks you make, regardless of the civilian massacres you plan, regardless of the kind of assassinations you prepare, you cannot scare this people or push them into a corner with death. You cannot and will not get anywhere with bloody attacks aimed at the country’s soldiers, police, citizens, youth and elderly, the country’s backbone.

You cannot create exhaustion or chaos in this country. You cannot collapse social psychology and provoke or activate the masses against the state. You cannot and will not cause a revolt or find the chance to apply scenarios aimed at dividing Turkey.

You, who know not history, who know not Anatolia

You, who know not history, who know not this nation, who know not Anatolia, who have no idea about the political genetics of the region! You cannot divide the streets, neighborhoods or cities or cause disintegration regardless of pushing to the field all the crypto Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) members, PKK/PYD lobbyists, DHKP-C members and bloody-handed men with dirty backgrounds at your holding headquarters.

You cannot turn this country into Syria. You cannot sacrifice this country to the map drafts of the U.S., Germany and U.K.; you cannot hit this country from Syria. You cannot come through Syria and take over our cities. Let alone our cities and our borders, you will be hit wherever you are coming from; wait for it, you will be hit.

You Western capitals cannot defeat it

Regardless of which ethnic identity fight you market, regardless of the number of sectarian identity conflicts you launch, regardless of which European capital you manage operations from, regardless of which deep U.S. structure you cooperate with, regardless of which intelligence service you receive a tender from, you will not be able to defeat this country.

We are currently stronger than most of the countries attacking us. We have an objective, a future plan, determination to fight. We are very angry and just as determined. We are enjoying the joy of taking to the history stage again after a century.

We have a fight, a great walk we have been walking for centuries. There is a great plan. You will and can never ruin this plan. We believe without hesitation and fear. This path is going to be walked and that objective is going to be achieved. We are a target because we grew so much, because we have become so strong and because we have left behind those who have kept us under tutelage for a century, we know this.

Clench fists, strengthen the ‘ruthless resistance’ line

The day will come when those organizations, those bombs, those bullets will turn toward your cities, your capitals, your people; we know this too. Every scenario you try out on our lands are going to be directed toward you by those organizations you have been feeding, giving weapons to and whose targets which you even directed; we know this too.

Let us clench our fists, grow our fury; but let this fury, this resentment be to further strengthen our solidarity. Let it be to protect our country, nation, neighbors, the people with whom we have been walking together on the streets. Let it be to walk side by side, heart by heart. Let it be to further strengthen out “ruthless resistance” lines.

Those speaking on the same wavelength, making broadcasts as terror, those ruining morale, spreading despair are partners to terrorism, they are the “civilian” legs of that big plan. For your information, those covering the terrorist attacks and sneakily provoking the streets are gearing for a new July 15 scenario. Take note of those names, those centers and circles, watch their every step and scrutinize their every word.

Different organizations attack; orders given by the same boss

Because our country is subject to the heaviest attacks after World War I. Then they had collapsed an empire, today they are trying to stop the country from rising again, they are trying to take us hostage, enslave us for another century. Do not believe any scenario other than this or suggestion that may seem reasonable. These suggestions are prepared in Western capitals and served in Turkey. Because these suggestions are determined by the centers where terrorist attacks are decided, where the organizations are controlled.

The Beşiktaş attack, the Kayseri attack, the killing of the Russian ambassador, the deep and extremely confusing attack in Reina and the latest İzmir attack. Different organizations were used in every one of them. There are intelligence organizations behind the hitmen and organizations in every one of the attacks. We are not fighting organizations but states.

We are fighting with our allies. We are protecting our people, our country, our cities and lands against them. All these organizations are being controlled by those carrying out that big showdown. We are dying by their weapons, their bombs.

There is no such thing, never has been, never will be

Never in our history have we been defeated by such attacks. Never have we withdrawn, given up or surrendered. We are not going to be defeated by terrorism. We are not going to be defeated by the PKK, the PYD or Daesh. We are not going to be defeated by the Western capitals, the intelligence organizations behind them.

Never in our history have we been a nation that decides upon fear. It will not happen now either. Will our people who lost blood, who died and paid a price in Anatolia since the Crusaders but never stepped back, step back now?

There is no such thing, never has been, never will be.

Let’s carry the war outside the borders

The threat is outside, not inside. It is beyond our borders. If we try to eliminate that threat on the inside, if we try to stop it at our borders, we will not succeed. It will grow bigger, become more frequent, stronger and bloodier. We can eliminate the threats by destroying the root of those organizations. We can stop them by going further away from our borders, by hitting beyond them, by settling in those areas.

Since they started this war on the inside, since we are going to go through this war, then let us fight it beyond our borders. Wherever we receive the attack from, that must be the target. Wherever those organizations are nested, that is the position that should be hit. Turkey should fight not in its own cities but in those positions.

Battlefield from Qandil to Afrin

The Syrian border, from Iraq to the Mediterranean, has been planned as an anti-Turkey front; this is where the destruction and invasion attempts aimed at our country are planned to be started. This is where the attacks, terror comes from. The Iraq side of this line is similarly an attack front against Turkey. Let us leave aside alliances diverting us.

If in this zone, Syria has no state authority, if it cannot be protected by Iraq, it should be under Turkey’s control from one end to the other. The entire zone spanning Qandil and Afrin is now a war zone for us and regardless of the cost, it must be cleared.

Turkey must intervene in this zone without taking seriously the objection of any country. There is no other choice left. All the circles on the inside preventing this self-defense effort by Turkey, they are in betrayal. Those on the outside are in a showdown with Turkey anyway.

Those military bases should be closed down, those foundations should be investigated

Those who broke out the Syrian war, threw it in Turkey’s lap and then left the stage are now attacking Turkey. Those controlling organizations from the military bases in Turkey, those holding meetings and making terror plans there should be stopped and removed from these bases.

Broad operations should be conducted on the foreign intelligence networks inside Turkey, their elbowroom should be minimized, the foreign foundations and organizations founded by their countries’ deep states and bred through their discretionary funds must immediately be under investigation. These organizations, those bases, those intelligence networks have direct ties to the systematic attacks that are becoming manifest in the form of a terrorist attack almost every day.

While we are busy with FETÖ, the PKK/PYD and Daesh, they are carrying out operations against Turkey through these networks, these military bases, these nongovernmental organizations; the said organizations are bred and controlled by these.

This country, this nation is used to pulling the trigger

We know the attacks are not going to stop. Sometime later, the second wave of attacks are going to come, we know. They are going to want to raise social indignation, they are going to provoke the streets for revolt, they are going to try and render the state authority dysfunctional, we know. Most importantly, we have the impression that there is an organization, preparation similar to pre-July 15. New fronts and partnerships are being established, we are on watch.

But this time, similar to July 15, this nation will not settle for dying only like that on the Martyr’s Bridge, in Çengelköy, in Kazan. This country, this nation is used to pulling the trigger, we know this, too.

So what are we going to do?

I repeat: An unfaltering solidarity is necessary to strengthen the lines of “ruthless resistance,” defending and protecting the political mind and leadership, keeping state authority upright, joining the streets on the country axis and strengthening social psychology.

The threat, attacks and plans are all identified. Every identified enemy is weak. What is required of us is to defend the homeland. We are going to do what we have for a thousand years once more. Our power, means and belief is ready for this.

Everybody should take their place in the last war of independence. This is the issue!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017)