July 15 attacks continue: They are trying to create chaos through ‘secularism’

Yusuf KaplanBY: Yusuf Kaplan*

The violent terror attack that happened in Reina nightclub is informing us of the danger in the making: They are trying to create Alevi-Sunni tension and chaos through a “secular lifestyle” and secularism.

The long-term target is to attack Turkey’s independence and foment future struggle!

The July 15 attack continues without pause.


You need to know this reality very well: Western civilization has collapsed philosophically, culturally and artistically. It is experiencing a great ontological crisis, therefore it cannot produce great philosophers and artists.

Westerners are fighting terrorism. They are trying to stupefy the world by saying “We are fighting against terrorism.”

The West is using terrorist organizations to fight against us and Islam.

They capitalized Japan, China, India and the whole world and put everyone to sleep! They fossilized all religions including Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism and brought them all to their knees.

Thus, they turned humanity’s deepest and greatest civilizations into anthropological material and stopped these civilizations from contributing to humanity.

But, they couldn’t fossilize Islam, they couldn’t transform it or bring it to its knees.

They managed to enslave the Muslim world through petro-dollar sheikhdoms for two centuries, first through occupations, then through the dictators they invented and controlled from a distance. However, they could not manage to transform and bring Islam to its knees. Therefore, the imperialist Westerners have gone crazy!

They are going crazy, because Islam is the only power in the world that is standing against all injustice and tyranny. Thus, they believed that the only way to stop Islam was to associate it with terrorism, therefore, they created terror organizations and are now fighting against Islam using these terror organizations.

Do not forget: Islam has been on the rise in both the West and the Muslim world since the 1980s: In a time zone in which the Western civilization experienced a philosophical/ontological crisis, and the notions of family and society collapsed, Islam came in like a flood, which was very hard to prevent.

Therefore, then NATO secretary general, Willy Cleas, said, “The biggest threat before the global system is Islam,” which was then followed by the attack on the Twin Towers in the U.S. Thus, through this attack is a disgusting war waged on Islam through terrorist organizations.


When Turkey entered Syria with Operation Euphrates Shield and hurled Daesh to the ground, Western imperialists went crazy!

They went crazy because Turkey unveiled the lie of the West fighting against terrorist organizations by devastating Daesh in only a few weeks. Thus their plans were deciphered!

Russia saw this truth and supported Turkey in the field with its jets!


This was enough to enrage the U.S.-U.K. terror consortium. And this consortium attacked Turkey repeatedly: The Russian jet was downed, the Russian ambassador was killed and Russian diplomats were deported from the United States.

The game is crystal clear!

The U.S.-U.K. terror consortium was caught out: Therefore it is trying to hurt us. It has gone to the extent of attempting to massacre the masses, the people. It is touching Turkey’s nerves and will continue to do so.

They will try to continue the July 15 attacks through secularism, through an Alevi-Sunni tension they invented, and will go all lengths to drag Turkey into chaos.

Therefore, we need to speed up our fight on Daesh with Operation Euphrates Shield but make sure that we are careful and cautious against the traps of war.

The Reina terror attack is a violent extension of July 15.

The malicious powers are indecently using terrorist organizations to provoke Turkey’s secular groups, to hinder the operations on the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the PKK and Daesh, to discourage Turkey and bring it down to its knees. These malicious powers are trying to attack Turkey’s independence and foment future struggle.

The West invented terrorist organizations on the pretext that they were fighting against terrorism. They are not fighting terrorism! This is just a mask they are using while playing the game!


The West knows the following very well, but the pro-West circles within us either do not know or are acting as if they don’t: There is only one way Turkey will reach its real independence and take firm steps toward its future: And that is to once again lay claims on its civilization, and thus refill the emptiness that was created with the disruption of the Ottomans in this land, an emptiness that was used by the imperialist West to cause great distress in the region for a century.

Turkey is the only country that can bring back peace and true independence to the region. Turkey is the only country that can be hope, the only country that will open its arms to the oppressed people of the region and the only country that is able to solve the issues of the region with its extensive historical depth and embracing the civilization’s experience. Everyone has understood this!

Therefore, the Westerners have gone mad. Therefore they are trying to touch our nerves with their disgusting methods!

If we all clinch and band together, and if we stand against provocations, they will not succeed.

This is a sly and disgusting war!

We will continue on our path with discernment, we will not be afraid!

We are hurting like hell but independence fights are never easy.

God will not allow the last fortress to fall. God will not cease our hopes.

*Yusuf Kaplan is a Turkish columnist. He writes for Yeni Safak daily newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Safak newspaper on Dec. 2, 2016)