Terrorism, assassination and that perilous plan: The Syrian war must be ended immediately!

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül*

The terror attack in Beşiktaş, followed by the terror attack in Kayseri a week later, the PKK being used in both of these incidents, the Russian Ambassador to Ankara, Andrey Karlov, being killed in Ankara, and the FETO being used as the hit man all increase our anxiety over a perilous plan.

That perilous plan is: Turkey being pulled apart; Turkey being pit against Russia and Iran; pushing the region into a calamity; and then starting a world war from this calamity. The international atmosphere has never been this harsh since World War II. Countries have never come so close to war. The international system had not collapsed as such, and the world had never been divided into East and West camps so sharply. The main powers and the medium-scaled countries had never been dragged into such a multifaceted war before.The route map of the new terror wave: What is the aim?

Firstly we must properly figure out the purpose and systematic scheme of the new terror wave. We have to find the answer for “What is the next target?” Because we aren’t facing a random attack wave, instead we face a well prepared and planned wave of attacks. Therefore, we need to seriously read into the route map of the attacks, and then take precautions accordingly. If we don’t succeed, we will lose; we will be in desperate straits, and a while later we won’t know what to do.

In the second phase, we need to preoccupy our minds about the dimensions of the attacks that exceed the Turkish scale. We know that the first two attacks are limited to the Turkey scenario via the PKK, that these scenarios are local and that they are aimed at expanding the PKK and the U.S.’s area in Syria. The U.S. administration, which effectively use the PKK and FETO, and the U.S. army and intelligence, who are trying to encircle Turkey through the PYD, are the prime suspects of the attacks.

The assassination is against the trio’s rapprochement and a solution for Syria

A conspiracy against an ambassador is a part of multinational scenarios. It is directed at the region and the countries of the region. It is a part of regional scenarios. It is directed at continuing the war in Syria and dividing the region through Syria. It is directed at sabotaging the affiliation between Turkey and Russia, and the possible negotiation between Turkey-Russia-Iran on the Syria issue. There are attacks locally and beyond borders. The plans are aimed at destabilizing Turkey and its immediate vicinity.

We know that it will continue and new attacks will occur. Because we know what the aim is. We know that it is time to realize that we are not facing terror attacks but power wars instead, that countries are attacked via terrorism, and that it is meaningless to discuss organizations; but, instead, it is important to discuss which principles countries fight against via these organizations.

The terrorism period has ended,
Countries are settling their accounts…

For years, we have been living the harshest state of the struggle I call “A centuries settlement.” Those who distribute a tender to the PKK, PYD, FETO and the others, are actually trying to lay the psychological foundations of a world war. Therefore, Turkey and other countries who are exposed to these attacks, should stop talking about the terror concept and end targeting them.

Because the essence of the matter has changed. The terror period, in a narrow sense, has closed. A multinational terror and multinational settlement period has started. Therefore, our way of thinking and our speech need to change.

Terror organizations should be attacked in shocking ways

Therefore, we must focus on questioning new policies that ruin countries through terrorism and take measures accordingly, instead of taking measures against terrorism in a narrow sense. We must question the possibility of two or more countries entering war at the same time and regional war possibilities. We should head towards bigger threats and the source of those threats.

Countries should openly be held responsible and should be declared guilty. As every country is an extension of an intelligence, attacks should be conducted in shocking ways to destroy these organizations that are intelligence extensions. Those who see a step further should not be daunted by this. Because a step further is way dreadful than where we currently are at.

That big war was prevented on July 15…

We know Turkey is under multinational attacks. We also know that it is trying to be dragged into civil war, that someone at the least wants to push it into war with a few countries so it becomes exhausted, and that someone wants the maps of Syria and Iraq to be redrawn through Turkey. The two attacks were aimed at this. The other is aimed at obviating regional rapprochement, defense, and stopping the attempts to close the doors to greater conflict.

Which means, Russia, too, is an open target. This attack aims to annihilate the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia that Turkey started after July 15. It aims to end the possibility of Turkey, Russia and Iran ending the war in Syria.

I always say: July 15 wasn’t a coup attempt. It was a plan for civil war. Turkey was going to be pushed into an open war with Russia and Iran. Therefore, July 15 would have actually been the date the New World War would have started. Later on, we found out that the Russian plane was downed for this reason. We also learnt that FETO’s Iran theses was a part of this big settlement. Thus, July 15 wasn’t the date for Turkey’s salvation, but it also prevented the start of greater wars.

They haven’t given up

The last Aleppo tragedy has increased their hopes

Now they are retribution for this. They have not given up. They are trying to feed the conflict areas between Turkey-Russia-Iran. Every wrong step the three countries take in Syria is regarded as shooting themselves, thus is regarded as strengthening this thesis. Ankara immediately realized where the danger came from, and thus, strengthening its relations with Russia, fended off this threat to an extent.

But, the last Aleppo tragedy strengthened that possibility. It increased the hopes for Iran and Russia reactions in the Turkish public opinion. And right at this point, the Russian ambassador was murdered so that this sensitivity was turned into conflict and the Turkey-Russian rapprochement was ended.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen once again. Both countries made rather coldblooded statements. Both countries knew the address and discovered the source of the attack. Moreover, Turkey, Russia and Iran met in Moscow yesterday and took serious steps towards a general ceasefire and solution for Syria.

This was an extremely wise step taken not only for Syria, but also as a representation of the stance of the three countries. An urgent solution needs to be found for the Syrian issue. Or this issue will cause great damage to the three countries and the region will become unrecognizable.

The Syrian war will ruin Russia and Iran, too

If you pay attention, you will realize that none of the Western countries desire to find a solution for Syria. They want the war to continue via these organizations and then actualize the map. If they do succeed, both Russia and Iran will be seriously defeated. If the three countries draw nearer to a solution, they will face bigger attacks, but they don’t have any other option.

Those who occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, those who worked towards spreading the war in Syria to the whole region, those who made plans to turn the Muslim region into ruins, have done everything possible to pit Turkey against Russia, and will continue to do so. Criticizing Russia in the scale of the Syrian war, and questioning Iran’s attitude are not preventing us from seeing this reality. It is actually laying the foundations of a greater calamity. These scenarios are not on an organization or state level, they are actually on a regional and global scale.

The East-West war:Russia too is the target

We have to act according to these realities. We need to see that the threat comes from the Atlantic, that terror attacks are planned here and that these organizations are administered from here. We have to know that they want to ruin Russia just as much as they want to ruin Turkey and that Russia might be facing open attacks, too. We have to realize that the matter isn’t just Turkey and that the scenario is on a global scale. We have to realize that the world is being dragged into a scary future; thus, the leaders of all the countries, especially those who will be affected the greatest, must come together and make attempts to disappoint this tendency.

We are right in the middle of the East-West tussle. We are on the fault line, the breaking point. Therefore, we are trying to stand strong as possible and gain strength. The national mobilization towards terrorism should be transformed into mobilization against attacks on our region.

The war in Syria must end immediately!

1- The war in Syria needs to end no matter what the cost.

2- The three countries (who met in Moscow yesterday) must turn their ceasefire decision into an exact solution. The solution must come from regional Powers.

3- Iran should stop threatening the region through sects

4- Turkey, Iran and Russia should move together against Western terror organizations. They should refrain from taking steps that damage the trust.

5- They should act together against the PKK/PYD and frustrate the plans of sieging Turkey in the South east.

6- No country should see the war in Syria as an opportunity.

7- It should be known that all three countries will be seriously wounded or ruined, if the war in Syria continues.

8- Most importantly, everyone needs to realize that the war in Syria is a plan to destroy the three countries and the region.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Wednesday, Dec.21, 2016)