Yasin Aktay: The Beşiktaş and Kayseri bombs are from our ally

Yasin AktayBy: Yasin Aktay*

The attempts to occupy and siege Turkey since February of 2012 respectively with the Gezi, December 17 and Kobani incidents were unmasked with the boldest attempt of them, the July 15 coup attempt. When the coup attempt failed, the real perpetrators tried to hastily hide their faces, but unfortunately they were busted this time. July 15 proved that the same perpetrators were behind all of the coup attempts. If the coup had been successful, all the realities would have been successfully empowered with a saving thread. The perpetrators of the successful coup would have been declared heroes, but it is predestined that the perpetrators of an unsuccessful one will be treated as traitors. The difference with this coup attempt was that it unveiled all the mysteries and unmasked perpetrators of the previous attempts, too. But still, despite being unmasked, we see that these occupiers/coupists have not given up on sieging Turkey. They quickly recuperate and make new attempts. None of the economic moves or the terror attacks is disconnected from each other. And all of them have been lightened after July 15.

The bomb attack after the football match in Beşiktaş last week and the attack in Kayseri this week were staged by the PKK, which is a branch of the PYD, a terrorist group which is openly supported by the U.S. The PKK did not have the know-how, the technical competence, the intelligence infrastructure or organizational talent until it was trained in Syria by U.S. military soldiers, who are supposedly there to deal with Daesh.The terror wave Turkey faces today is not coordinated from within, but from an area in Syria which is under U.S. control. And if we rewind and go back to July 15, if things had gone as they had planned that night, all the plans they had foreseen for that region of Syria would have been actualized and thus a PYD terror corridor would have been established all the way to the Mediterranean. The effect of this on Turkey would have been division and thus a civil war. No one should expect us to believe that this wasn’t part of the U.S.’s (a country that messed things up in Syria) plans. But why is the U.S. doing this to its most important ally in NATO? What is it that makes the world’s most powerful country the world’s most unreliable country (a country that harms its own allies and constantly plots against them) at the same time? This question will of course point to the U.S.’s future losses, but it is not possible to say there is logic behind it even if it loses. But no one can believe that the U.S. is pure and gullible enough that it would initially announce that its aim was to topple Assad, but then it had to revise its aims when it suddenly came across Daesh. Besides, the U.S. is the only reason why Daesh became stronger.

There is no sectarian war in Syria; there is a proxy war of the occupying forces

While hell broke lose in Aleppo last week, we read that the Palmira antique region, which was saved from Daesh with great difficulty, was taken back without a single bullet but instead with heavy weapons. Only this transaction is enough to show us that there is a dirty dance between Assad-Daesh-U.S.-PYD. Since all the plans are even hidden from the allies, it isn’t possible to make logical inferences from the doings of the U.S., as it is constantly planning against its so-called friends while serving its enemies.

The U.S.’s starting point is: “any side winning in Syria will create a loss for me”; therefore, it believes that the best solution for this is ensuring that there is constant chaos in which everyone is killing each other. There would have been a solution in Syria ages ago, if the U.S. had kept out. But it is clear that it has even sabotaged the opportunities of settlement. The PYD supporting them just creates another problem source. The U.S. is in the game trying to ensure that none of the sides disappears. This includes Daesh, Nusra and the Free Syrian Army, or FSA. And of course, Assad, Hezbollah and the Hashde Shaabis get their share, too.

These interventions are the only reason the crisis in Syria has dragged on for so long. The U.S. is not a partner in the solution, but a source of the problem.

Therefore, saying that there is civil war or sectarian war in Syria is just a way of trying to cover up this truth. The Syrian people are not fighting against each other. There is no sectarian war. There initially was an effort of a society to search for their freedom and honor, but unfortunately the murderer Assad opened the doors to foreign powers and, thus, started the war of countries.

Today, Syria struggles to fight against the U.S.’, Iran’s and Russia’s occupation attempts, and against a villain dictator that makes benefits available to imperialist countries in order to stay in power himself. Moreover, Syria is struggling to protect its country despite everything.

A sect? What energy can they use to motivate someone to fight, die and occupy?… They wanted to pull Turkey into the war zone, too, with the Beşiktaş and Kayseri attacks. They are trying to ignite the Alawi-Sunni, Turkish-Kurdish conflict. But these are incidents, which have lost their sequential order. It is not possible to achieve something with these attempts after July 15. There is a nation in Turkey that is aware of these plots and this nation will frustrate all.

*Yasin Aktay is the vice chair of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on Tuesday, Dec. 19,  2016)