Egypt’s pro-regime media open fire on Copts and say they are ‘bastards’

Egypt’s pro-regime media have severely attacked the Copts after Coptic youth expelled and beat them in front of the Coptic Cathedral in the aftermath of the deadly explosion in St. Mark church on Sunday.

– Copts chanting against Abdelfattah Al-Sisi in front of the cathedral: ‘Sisi, Leave’ 

Anger and outrage filled Egypt’s Copts after the Explosion that targeted worshippers near St Mark’s Cathedral, the main Coptic church in central Cairo.

A bomb blast has killed at least 25 people during Sunday mass inside a Cairo church near the main Coptic Christian cathedral, according to Egyptian state TV.

As a result, hundreds of protesters gathered outside Cairo’s largest Coptic Cathedral demanding for revenge for the bombing.

In this context, media presenters close to the al-Sisi regime were prevented from entering the Cathedral and some videos showed the angry crowd beating TV hosts during their coverage of the attack.

In response, media presenters close to al-Sisi regime opened fire on angry Christians who were calling for their rights and called them ‘bastards’ and ‘riff-raff’.

T.V. host Ahmed Moussa said that those Christians who chanted against al-Sisi and beat him around the church,” are bastards who are against the Pope and against the regime.”

In the same context, Lamis al-Hadidi, a well-known pro-regime T.V host who was also beaten and prevented from entering the Cathedral, said that she has covered in different sites during turmoil as in Gaza, Rafah, Lebanon, and upper Egypt, but “What I have faced today was unprecedented.”

Copts chant against al-Sisi and ask him to leave

Although Egypt’s Copts have been traditionally one of the main supporters of al-Sisi and his government, however the angry crowds poured their outrage on al-Sisi’s government calling for the dismissal of the minister of interior Magdy Abd al-Ghaffar.

In the same context, others asked  al-Sisi to leave saying that his government failed to protect them.

The angry crowd chanted “tTe people demands the fall of the regime”, the same chant that led to the downfall of Mubarak on January Revolution 2011.

Moreover, the angry crowd gathering in front of the Coptic Church prevented the minister of interior and some security top officials from entering the cathedral.

In this context, Pope Tawadros II cut his visit to Greece after learning about the attack. In addition, church officials tried to contain the feeling of dissent and anger among the Coptic Christian citizens saying that they would not allow the bombing to create sectarian differences.

But Christians are convinced that the attacks on them aren’t seriously investigated, saying this time we want justice.

Mena Samir said, “Where was the security? There were five or six security cars stationed outside, where were they when 12 kilograms of TNT were taken inside the church?  “They keep telling us national unity, the crescent with the cross, this time we will not shut up.”

It is noteworthy that Egypt’s Christian Copts held many hopes on the military regime in Egypt under Sisi’s rule. However, they (Copts) did not find their hopes fulfilled in return for their great favor of supporting the General-turned-president Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi.