Turkish President Erdogan Visited Pakistan to Strengthen Ties

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Visiting Pakistan

Turkey, Pakistan vow to strengthen ties further

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visited Pakistan at the invitation of President Mamnoon Hussain, said a statement from Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, according to Anadolu Agency.

Erdogan visited Pakistan on a number of occasions, but this is his his first visit since he rose to presidency in August 2014.

Erdogan is accompanied by a high-level entourage, including ministers and senior officials, as well as a large business delegation, the statement said.

“Pakistan and Turkey are bound by an exemplary relationship characterized by warmth, cordiality, and mutual trust. These are embedded deep in history, common faith, cultural and linguistic affinities and a sense of common destiny. Frequent exchanges at the leadership and ministerial levels and growing cooperation in diverse fields are the hallmarks of the unique bonds between Pakistan and Turkey,” the statement said.

The statement continued, “The leadership of both countries is committed to transforming this historic relationship into a strong strategic partnership, in line with the realities of the 21st century. The High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council at the leadership level and a host of other bilateral institutional mechanisms provide an effective platform for frequent exchanges of views.”

Bilateral ties between Pakistan and Turkey have seen tremendous growth and dynamism in recent years, and both sides are working to boost trade, investment, and commercial cooperation as part of efforts to build a robust economic partnership, according to the Pakistani Foreign Ministry statement.

Turkey and Pakistan will be ready to sign “Free Trade” agreement

Turkey’s ambassador in Pakistan told Anadolu Agency yesterday that a free trade agreement between Turkey and Pakistan will be ready to be signed in December.

The Turkish ambassador in Islamabad, Sadık Babur Girgin, said that the bilateral relations between the two countries will be discussed and a business forum between Turkey and Pakistan is planned during Presidnt Erdogan’s visit.

Turkey-Pakistan friendship refreshed says Erdogan

Girgin confirmed the free trade pact will be ready for signing next month, adding, “This agreement will not be only for trade. It will include the service industry and investments.” Additionally, the diplomat said Turkey is planning to invest in Pakistan in the fields of solar and wind power, according to Daily Sabah

A free trade agreement between the two countries has been in the pipeline since the past year. Expediting that and moving towards offering investment opportunities to Turkish businessmen visiting should be made a priority, The Nation.

Pakistan Orders that those belonging to Gulen’s schools should leave the country

Ahead of a visit by Turkey’s president, Islamabad ordered 400 Turkish nationals affiliated with a chain of international schools in Pakistan to leave the country within 72 hours, officials said Wednesday, Daily Mail reported.

“They moved rapidly in the direction of ending the (Gulen movement’s) presence in Pakistan and toward thwarting their attempts at unrest,” Erdogan said. “As you know, Pakistan has asked persons linked to the organization to leave the country by Nov. 20. This is very pleasing for us.”

Erdogan said Turkey’s educational authorities would help Pakistan overcome any problems the expulsion may cause.

“We will do whatever we can to ensure that there is no void or suffering as a result of the ouster of this organization from the country,” he said.

The Pakistani and Turkish leaderships remain strongly committed to further deepening and strengthening bilateral ties in all areas, and Erdogan’s visit will further solidify their abiding relationship, the Pakistani FM statement concluded.