Bashar al-Assad: This is a world war against Syria

Bashar al-Assad: This is a world war against Syria

Bashar al-Assad has said in an interview that Syria’s crisis is a world war against his country, adding that there’s no political solution while the world sends militants and terrorists to Syria.

The Syrian crisis began as a peaceful demonstration against the injustice in Syria. Assad regime used to fire power and violence against the civilians and led to armed resistance. 450.000 Syrians lost their lives in the past five years according to UN estimates, and more than 12 million have lost their homes.

Bashar al-Assad who is the root cause of the Syrian crisis made an interview with the Sunday times, repeating his regular words about the “armed terrorists” and the golbal conspiracy agianst him.

“We call it a world war, but it’s a world war against Syria, tens of countries against us, sending those terrorists money and logistics, whereas our army is only Syrian, so we struggled. We have some support from Hezbollah, but Lebanon is a country of only 4m, so will be small. And some from the Iranians; but they didn’t send troops, they sent officers to help,” Assad said in the interview.

Describing the conflict as something “between the Cold War and Third World War”, Assad said it was impossible to have a political solution when the other side were religious fanatics controlled by outside forces.

“If you ask me what the topics would be for a political solution, I don’t know,” he said. “No one has proposed anything.

“To talk about a political solution while the other side is controlled by masters in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UK, USA and France, is not realistic. The core of the problem is those countries that are interfering. If they stop, then the terrorists will be weak and leave or be defeated, and then we can sit as Syrians and talk about solutions.”

Killing is the fault of terrorists

Assad has always considered all the people opposing his role as terrorists. In the interview he said that these “terrorists” are behind destroying Syria and killing the innocent as they refuse any solutions to surrender their weapons.

“It’s the fault of terrorists and we are talking about war, not charity. In war you always have innocents hurt or killed. What do you do? You do your best. Terrorists are still in Aleppo and use civilians as human shields.”

“We can’t just stand still and say, ‘Don’t destroy the city,” he added. “More important than the city are the people, so we have to do the best for them.”

Assad also repeated his claim the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated White Helmets manipulate and forge photos of dead children.

“These ‘angels’ wearing these white helmets are the same people celebrating over the dead bodies of Syrian soldiers,” he said. “They are militants who are suddenly changing their packaging.”

He previously said the photo of an injured five-year-old boy taken in the aftermath of an air strike was faked. The picture of Omran Daqneesh became a symbol of civilian suffering in Aleppo and the whole Syria.

Asked if he sleeps at night with all the children being killed every day in Aleppo and elsewhere, he laughed. “I know the meaning of that question,” he said. “I sleep regular, I sleep and work and eat normal and do sports.”

Russian and Iranian intervention

Assad regime forces were at first overpowered by the rebel forces who were able to capture wide areas of Syria and declare it as freed areas.

However, Iran supported Assad at first with fighters from Hezbullah and other Shiite militias who became an essential part of Assad crimes against the Syrian civilians, and was able to defeat the rebels many times using their help.

Russia also took part in the military operations in September last year, turning the tide of war to Assad’s side and putting more pressure on the rebels who lost most of their important strongholds.

“What made the difference, of course, was firepower. They have firepower we don’t have,” he said, noting that, while other allies in the region have provided help, it has been far from enough.

“At the end we were fighting an unlimited reserve of terrorists coming to Syria and we struggled, so Russian firepower and Iranian support has compensated,” he explained.

“We have some support from Hezbollah, but Lebanon is a country of only four million, so will be small. And some from the Iranians; but they didn’t send troops, they sent officers to help.”

Asked who calls the shots, Assad replied: “Of course we make the decisions. Russian military has been in Syria for six decades. Their policy rests on two things — morals and international law. Even if they have a point of view, they say: ‘This is your country, you know more.’ They never try to interfere because they don’t want anything from us. They don’t ask us to be a puppet president.

“They know if Syria loses the war against terrorism, this terrorism will prevail in Europe, and that affects Russia and everyone in the world.”

Assad also claimed 70% of the population is now under government control, after a year of Russian involvement and a series of reconciliations in recent months that have allowed 2m people to move out of areas previously held by the rebels.

“Many of those who used to oppose the Ba’ath Party, this government and this system are now supporting the government, not because they like the government, but they support peace because they are tired and have lost hope. Under the control of militants they have no judges, no local administration, no one collects garbage, no one takes care of you medically.