Turkey Keeping up Pressure on US to Extradite Fetulllah Gülen

The American press has for the first time admitted that Fetullah Gülen is a “Murderer”. In a report published in Politico, one of the leading magazines of US, FETÖ leader Gülen was likened to a killer in the magazine’s coverage of the visit of Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ to the United States.

The report highlighted that, “Turkish officials want to make sure Americans know something: They haven’t forgotten about Fethullah Gulen.” and that “Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag told reporters in Washington on Thursday that Turkey expects the U.S. to hand over the Muslim cleric, whom the Turks blame for the mid-July coup attempt in Turkey. Failure to extradite Gulen would be a “huge blow” to the decades-old Turkey-U.S. alliance, Bozdağ said.

Bozdağ said that, “We, as the Turkish people, do not understand and do not accept the fact that Fethullah Gulen — who is the murderer of 241 civilians, and who caused the wounding of around 2,194 people, actually who bombed the parliament with F-16 jets, who attempted an assassination to our president, and who killed all these people — we do not understand and accept that he is free or he is acting freely in the United States,”. And Politico expressed that , “Bozdag ‘s comments suggested the Turks are impatient.”

Turkish Justice Minister added that “ıf Fethullah Gulen is extradited to Turkey, he will receive a fair trial.”