Jordan, US Sign Four Grant Agreements $479 Million

Of the total, $479 million will be transferred in cash to Jordan before the end of the year to support the budget and alleviate refugee crisis pressures, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Imad Fakhoury said at the meeting to sign the grants, according to THE JORDAN TIMES.

“This crucial aid comes at a very important and challenging time… The volume of economic aid for this year is even higher than what was originally agreed on previously,” said Fakhoury, stressing that the US is currently the top donor to Jordan.

In addition, around $100 million will be dedicated to support the Red-Dead Canal project, said the minister, adding that the remaining amount will be used to fund projects in fields of health, education, water, environment, the rule of law and governance, and civil society.

In addition to the economic aid, the US provided $463 million in military aid to Jordan this year, bringing the total of economic and military aid to $1.275 billion.

At the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Hani Mulki stressed on the strategic partnership between Jordan and the US on all fronts.

Washington’s continued support to the Kingdom underlines its understanding of the pressure Jordan is struggling with as a Syrian refugee host, the premier said, adding that the support helps implement the “Jordan 2025”, a 10-year blueprint for economic and social development.

The grants will support Jordan’s critical long-term goals for growth and development, while simultaneously assisting Jordan in its efforts to host Syrian refugees across the Kingdom, US Ambassador in Amman Alice G. Wells said at the meeting.

As part of the economic aid, Jordan and the US will work together to facilitate the implementation of the recently approved by-law on
home-based business registration.

“We will partner with institutions, such as the Jordan Food and Drug Administration, to train as many as 10,000 of these businesses [most of which are headed by women] on food product safety, packaging, marketing and logistics. Home based businesses have enormous potential for creating jobs, particularly for women,” she said.