For who and what is the PKK avenging Kurds?

BY: Yasin Aktay*

Losing an increased amount of lives because of its “ditch policies,” the PKK is losing the base support it has, yet still continues to dastardly attack; this time with more devastating results. Despite losing its base support, it seems like it has concentrated on its bloody attacks in support of the failed planners of the July 15 coup attempt and the resentment that lies under it. The picture today shows that the PKK, Democratic Union Party (PYD), People’s Protection Units (YPG), Daesh, and the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) are working together in a coordinated and synchronized manner toward the same objective. There are heaps of evidence that FETÖ was in some kind of a special cooperation with the PKK on the night of July 15.It is clear that if July 15 had been successful, the PKK, PYD and DAESH would be doing overtime. The coup attempt failing and their overtime being cancelled has pushed them to greater obstinacy, thus, increasing the number and severity of these attacks. It isn’t hard to guess the roles that would have been given to these terror organizations in Syria if the coup hadn’t failed and a divided Turkey would have been struggling in civil war. July 15 wasn’t about a change in government, it was an attempt of occupation. And sadly it was done via a group of soldiers who were the children of this land. This first military group, FETÖ, has been trained for years starting with the Masonic infiltration of the army 50 years ago. The second army is Daesh, which is living a life far from Islam. And the third group within this crusade is, of course, the PKK and PYD, an army made up of the grandchildren of Salahuddin al-Ayyubi.

There could be no better way of avenging on behalf of the Crusaders. Inflicting the grandchildren of Salahuddin on to the people who are closest to helping Jerusalem free itself from its chains, is more than just a fantasy. It is a terrifying plan prepared in a cold blooded manner.

Therefore, it is now easier to understand why the PKK has been mainly attacking Kurds in recent times. This is an act against the Kurds who have objected to align with the Crusaders. It is evident that the PKK is punishing Kurds on behalf of the Crusaders.

Thus, as part of this revenge, the PKK is killing the Kurdish people together with the police-soldiers through its bloody attacks. The PKK aims to turn the lives of the Kurds into hell since it ditched policies. The PKK has never been interested in freeing Kurds or giving them their rights. The only thing they have aimed for since the very start was to bring all Kurds under its reign and enslave them. By using the nationalistic discourse it does, it might have deceived a Kurdish youth, but it brutally forced the ones it couldn’t convince with this discourse.

Forbidding Kurds from being dependent on anyone else but them and brutally wiping out all the options is nothing but aiming to enslave the Kurds. The PKK made sure it visited every village and ballot box to ensure that the Kurdish people wouldn’t vote for any party other than the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). It especially threatened those who would vote for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), ensuring that they would regret it. Lately the PKK has brought these threats to a totally different level by attacking AK Party politicians.

Ahmet Budak, the AK Party’s Hakkari candidate, was killed in front of his children on the day of eid by terrorists dressed as eid visitors. This was followed by the killings of the Van-Özalp town’s Vice President Aydın Muştu and Deryan Akdert, the district head of AK Party in Diyarbakır-Dicle.

The political murders and the attacks killing Kurds can be perceived as the power indicator of the organization, but it is never an indication of having power. Instead it is a show of its incompetence and the fact that it has no connections with Kurds.

The PKK’s attacks clearly indicate the ties it has with the other terror groups and shows us its direction. This isn’t the direction of the salvation, independence and freedom of Kurds. It is the direction of their captivity. The PKK is nothing more than an agent working for this enslavement, captivity and calamity.


*Yasin Aktay is the vice chair of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016)