Iraq sends troops to Anbar to fight Daesh

– State television shows hundreds of military vehicles and soldiers advancing towards Iraq’s western border with Syria

– An Iraqi army division has been deployed to the Al-Ratba district near the Syrian border in the western Anbar province to fight the Daesh terrorist group, Iraq’s Defense Ministry announced Friday evening, according to Anadolu Agency.

Iraqi state television broadcast footage showing hundreds of military vehicles and soldiers moving towards western Anbar’s border region, where Daesh enjoys a significant presence.

The deployment includes three brigades, numbering some 3,000 troops, in addition to hundreds of armored vehicles and combat tanks, according to Iraqi state television.

“We have drawn up a plan to liberate Daesh-held areas in Al-Rutba and Aali al-Furat, including Al-Qaim, Anah and Rawa, all of which are situated along the Iraq-Syria border,” Brigadier-General Yahya Rasul, a spokesperson for the Iraqi army’s Joint Operations Command, said.

Western Anbar’s strategic border area was captured by Daesh some two years ago. Late last year, Iraqi security forces retook Ramadi — Anbar’s provincial capital — although several areas surrounding the city are still held by the terrorist group.

Iraqi forces are currently waging a broad military campaign aimed at expelling Daesh militants from Anbar province, while also advancing north to the city of Mosul, Daesh’s main stronghold in the country.