The Last War of Independence: We Will Draw That Map

BY:İbrahim Karagül*

“In 1920 we were shown Sevres and in 1923 they made us accept Lausanne. Some tried to fool us into believing that Lausanne was ‘victory.’ It is all obvious. We gave islands at shouting distance in Lausanne. Is this what you call victory?”“July 15 was an invasion attempt to take the last of the territory in our possession – one-fifth of what we lost between 1012 and 1923. The nation did not surrender these lands to them. July 15 is the Turkish nation’s second war of independence. Had this coup succeeded, they were going to appear before us with an imposition no worse than Sevres.”

The last War of Independence and relentless resistance

Up until today, there has never before been a political leader who expressed the reasons underlying Turkey’s problems, the truths and the new Crusades attacks targeting the region with such solid and clear statements.

This is what we have been trying to express for the last two years when we said, “The last war of independence,” “century-old showdown,” “liberation from the tutelage of the 20th century” and “relentless resistance.” This is why they have constantly been attempting to keep our geography outside the equation in all clashes and showdowns concerning the establishment of the new world order post-Cold War. This is why Iraq was invaded. This is also the reason behind the Syrian war.

This was the reason behind the new Middle East map drafts. This is the reason behind breaking Turkey’s back, a country that has been trying to get back up on its feet after a century. This is the reason behind the attempt to eliminate the leaders of Turkey’s great walk through the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 interventions. This is why they applied the invasion and civil war scenario to July 15.

The great invasion operation: Who will remain standing?

Everything in the geography begins with World War I. It is impossible to understand what we are going through today without starting from there. The shaping of Turkey, map of the geography, status quo in the Middle East, ethnic decomposition, sectarian division, garrison statelets and a tutelage control that cannot be stood up against.

You see, that status quo has been disintegrating for the last two decades. They are trying to regulate a new geography in place of it. A complete invasion plan is being implemented to take full control of the Earth’s middle zone from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific coasts, invade numerous countries and divide them through civil wars, build new garrison states and ensure that the geography is kept under tutelage for another century.

What will the new status quo be like? Which states will remain standing? Which of them will be divided and which will grow even bigger? Who will be able to resist against this big security project, the new invasion operation which has been turned into political rhetoric through terms such as “Islamic threat” and “fighting terrorism”?

Allies attacking us through terrorist organizations

The pro-Atlantic center, which made explicit this great invasion project it started in the 1990s with the Sept. 11 attacks, has now started to hit Turkey. They developed a definition as geography of chaos and condemned everybody in our region to this discourse. Now they are trying to spread the chaos they started in the Middle East into Turkey. This conflict began because Turkey chose its own way, refused single-sided dependency, made peace with its geography and history and decided to address the region and world with a new political language.

Hence, no terrorist attack in our region, no terrorist organization starts and ends with regional dynamics. Every terrorist group they founded, fund, train and determine the objectives for is an element of this big project. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Daesh, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG) are all like this. The invasion-like attacks on our southeastern provinces and districts are like this. The fight against terrorism that was started after the June 7 elections is actually not a fight against terrorism, but a struggle against an invasion attempt. The July 15 coup attempt is the bloodiest invasion attempt.

City states, new garrisons

They devised attack plans in relation to every country. Many countries from North Africa to Central Africa, the Middle East to South Africa are faced with this threat. They have map drafts for every country. There are maps that they have drawn for Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Turkey. They have micro nationalism and city states plans, sectarian bigotry and garrison states plans. No state in our region is far from these threats: no relations established with the Atlantic center will protect these states from the threat in question.

Turkey developed a great resistance discourse and this impacts both countries and regions. This century-long resistance, showdown will is echoing in streets, cities and countries. And there is no other solution against these great invasion plans. Countries that surrender to convenient suggestions will fall into the position of the emirates that waited for their turn against the Mongolians.

Then, those who see the big game properly will find the chance to set up a defense. We have seen this big game. We saw it in Afghanistan, in the fight against terrorism, in Iraq and in Yemen. We saw it, which is why we are in a state of alert.

Traitors are everywhere

We are going through a period that is as fragile as World War I. The struggle in this period is as big as the War of Independence. This is why we call it the Last War of Independence. This is no heroic discourse but seeing the full truth. Apart from this, carefully question every country, circle and person trying to condemn our nation to sleep.

In this great struggle, the PKK/PYD, FETÖ or Daesh are not the only ones in the front of traitors, enemies of history and enemies of geography. They are directly the extensions, hit men of the intelligence agencies of those countries in our region. They are enemies of this geography. But besides them, everyone else who is camouflaging the truth, stopping us from seeing it, are, in one way or another, involved in this business. They are involved, even if they are the closest to us.

Three big shockwaves and rising again

We saw the Crusades Wars in this geography. We experienced the Mongolian invasion. We went through World War I. These are the biggest disasters that happened in the region. They are the three shockwaves. If you noticed, the resistance against all three big shockwaves rose from Anatolia. A much brighter future was built. And this resistance activated the entire geography, making everybody rise.

It will be the same once again. This is why they are attacking Turkey. They know very well how the fury rising in these territories, the free political stance will turn around history. They will have nothing left to do once this resistance achieves victory. They will not be able to pester any country. So, we will never give up the relentless struggle against the invaders on the outside or the pro-tutelage circle on the inside. We will not consider any ethnic and sectarian fight legitimate within this context.

They might have a map, but we have one, too

As they try to shrink us, we are going to grow even more and reverse this evil wind. We are going to draw our own map against their map drafts. We are going to build stable bridges with the region and join a power solidarity. We are not going to surrender our country, nation, territory, values and future to their projects or suggestions.

Look at all the atrocious games the U.S. is planning to use to sabotage Operation Euphrates Shield. The U.K. and Germany are the same. They are making all sorts of plans to hit Turkey both in the region and on the inside. The threat is coming from our allies. They are carrying out a war against us from the military bases on our soil and they organize the terrorist groups from these military bases.

The plan to loot Saudi money

Every one of their actions in our region for the last two decades, all of their plans have been against Turkey. They gave us great harm under the alliance pretext. They armed terrorist organizations and released them on Turkey. They have shed blood in this country. They were the ones who personally planned the July 15 coup and civil war project and served it through Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists. Today, they are continuing the same war against us within Turkish borders. July 15 is the date on which our century-long resistance started. It is a type of struggle in which we will resist like we did in the Crusades Wars.

They are not only invading the geography but also acting like complete enemies of civilization and looting. They not only committed massacres in Iraq, they pillaged everything belonging to civilizations. Now they have a plan to loot Saudi Arabia. They brought out a law holding Saudi Arabia responsible for the Sept. 11 attack, paving the way for compensation. Their real aim is to seize this country’s hundreds of millions of dollars. Had they succeeded on July 15, we would have witnessed the same pillaging in Turkey. This country was going to be divided into a few pieces; Istanbul’s European side was going to be detached and the country’s entire wealth was going to be seized.

The Lausanne showdown, the West’s infighting

Every development in Turkey should be taken into consideration based on its historical roots; because this is the source. This is where you can find the reason for the current crises. This is why we need to be on alert every day and never fall for the plans to deceive. The history of even the minutest incidents in Turkey and our close circle is World War I. That war is not over; we only started the struggle recently.

Since they have launched the second attack after Lausanne, then we will lay claim to all our causes since Lausanne and call them to account for all that we lost.

We are the ones who will reverse history despite all the reverse winds and draw the new map of the region. We are the ones who will win this fight, not them. You will see that in the next few years, the actual big crisis is going to erupt within the West and the real civil war will break out there.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Friday, Sept. 30, 2016)