Israeli Soldiers Photographed Beating a Palestinian In Hebron

Haaretz Hebrew newspaper revealed Saturday that five Israeli soldiers were photographed violently beating a Palestinian man last Tuesday in Hebron south of the West Bank, before his arrest.

Photographs taken at the scene showed that at least five Israeli infantry soldiers, from the Nahal Brigade, were surrounding the Palestinian during his arrest. One of the soldiers was seen kicking him, while another holding him by the throat.

Another photo showed a soldier pinning the Palestinian to the ground with his knee. The Palestinian was seen barefoot in a street in the city.

The Israeli army said the man was resisting arrest, but that the incident was being investigated.

The army statement said it was carrying out security checks in the city due to recent attacks in the area.
“During a routine security check, the Palestinian who was documented [in the photos] refused to be frisked. The forces had arrested the suspect.

The troops’ conduct is being looked into and the incident is being investigated.”

Photos of the arrest were soon published on social media networks. In the same context, the paper published that two Israeli soldiers from the Nahal Brigade were caught on camera overnight Wednesday-Thursday setting a Palestinian storehouse in the West Bank city of Nablus on fire.

Security footage obtained by Channel 2 showed the troops approach a stockpile of planks belonging to a Palestinian lumber salesman, adjacent to the storehouse, while holding a burning object.

The pair proceed to set the boards alight. The two soldiers, wearing helmets and vests, leave the area as the fire spreads to the building. The army claimed it was investigating the incident.