Two policemen shot dead in Saudi Arabia

Two policemen were shot dead late on Saturday in Dammam, the main city in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, reported Gulf News

The two men came under fire as they were on patrol in Khadhriya, a neighbourhood located near the Dhahran Al Jubail highway and known for its numerous garages to repair cars.

The bodies of the two policemen were transported to Dammam Central Hospital and an investigation was launched into the incident, the Saudi official news agency (SPA) said.

According to The Associated Press, The ministry’s spokesman Mansour al-Turki said in a statement that unknown gunmen killed two security officers in the eastern city of Dammam, an area heavily populated by Shiites.

Last month, Dammam police arrested two men, one Saudi and the other Syrian, in possession of a firearm and an explosive vest who were allegedly recruited by the Islamic State group to carry out a suicide attack. Two other Syrians were also arrested.