Israeli Research Center Asks Al-Sisi to Allow Israeli Army to Work Publicly in Sinai

One of the most important Israeli research centers has advised Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to ask the International Coalition against the Islamic State to annex Sinai Peninsula into the areas targeted by the coalition forces, according to Arabi 21.

In addition, it suggested that al-Sisi should allow Israel to have an explicitly publicized role in these operations.

The Israeli “National Security Research Center ” said that a publicized Israeli participation in the international coalition activities against Sinai Province won’t only serve Israel’s interests in Sinai but it will also enhance its capabilities to siege the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Gaza Strip.

The research center released on its website a working paper on an estimated situation stressing that “achieving victory” over Sinai Province obligates the Egyptian government to ask the International Coalition to launch air strikes against the militants as the case in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

The Research Center stressed that achieving an unquestionable defeat to Sinai Province is considered one of the major requirements of stability not only in Sinai but in the entire region.

Moreover, this development will serve Israel’s security especially after the militancy group’s insistence, which has been announced before, on targeting the Israeli depth.

The Israeli center recalled the fact that Sinai Province has previously launched dangerous operations against Israel which caused the deaths of many soldiers and Jewish settlers.

In addition, the Islamic organization’s activities would cause major economic damage to Israel’s economy due to its direct impact on tourism at Eilat area.

The center clarified that the recent threats, which have been released by Sinai Province against Israel, resides in the group’s awareness of the role played by the occupation army in assisting the Egyptian Armed Forces to strike targets against the Islamic group.

It is noteworthy that an Israeli official has unveiled at an earlier time this year to Bloomberg (US News Agency) that Israeli drones have been given permission by al-Sisi to strike targets in the Sinai Peninsula.

According to the Israeli center, Sinai Province aims to target Israel to justify to its supporters throughout the Islamic world that liberating Palestine is on its top priorities.

In the same context, a high-ranking Israeli official in the occupation army has revealed that Israel is worried from the Egyptian Army deficiency and inability in developing its operations against Sinai Province, according to Walla- Israeli News site.

According to the source, the occupation army has taken wide measures and organized military maneuvers align with the Egyptian borders to face any operation that could be launched by the group in the Israeli depth.