Operation last chance, if we give up we’ll be in trouble!

By: Ibrahim Karagül* 

I also think that the U.S. will start new surprising, disturbing attempts that will sabotage Turkey’s relations and moves to get closer with the countries in the region and Russia, and that this will happen very soon.I know that the U.S. administration, its military structure and intelligence network are very disturbed about the new initiative in the Syria issue, that it sees Turkey’s solution-focused venture in Syria as a threat; that they are considering the possibility that their greatest project in the Syria issue, like the North Syria Corridor, might fail, and hence, they are going to try and do everything to stop Turkey.

Covert operation and hidden games
I see that attempts have started to restrain Ankara’s intervention in the corridor of terrorism in Jarabulus and its immediate vicinities, to confuse minds with various diplomacies and hidden games, to distract, delay and gain time.

I also see that all the statements and dossiers received from Washington, U.S. military circles and served to the U.S. media are devoted to this task.

Allow me to announce that any proposal imposed from now on, in the sense of a “joint operation” – especially in the areas of diplomacy and sharing intelligence – is going to be a covert operation against Turkey. I will announce it to pay my personal dues to my country and to stand in the right place.

Internal invaders will be utilized

Also, take note that from this day onward, the “internal invaders” will be activated; there are going to be plenty of formulas including “joint operation with the U.S.,” with certain circles in Turkey and within the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) effectively marketing them; they will be presented mostly by circles that have a dialogue with Ankara and a process will be started to form a public opinion in this direction.

The powers behind the July 15 coup and internal invasion attempt, their personnel in the country, have gone mad over the new position concerning the Syrian crisis. They are unable to say anything openly as they were caught red-handed in that bloody coup attempt. But they are underhandedly conducting operations against Turkey.

As a result of the extraordinary public reaction toward the coup attempted by Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists and the powers behind it, they do not dare to say anything openly or explicitly impose or suggest any plan.

Therefore they are carrying out operations through mechanisms that will fool, distract and direct the public. They are getting ready to fine tune the people. They are working together with certain circles to this end and implementing projects through them.

Turkey forced them to commit suicide

A solution in Syria is suicide for them. The failure of the North Syria Corridor is suicide for them. Losing the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)/Democratic Union Party (PYD) card as well after the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) card is suicide for them. Ankara’s approach to solve regional matters with the countries in the region is suicide for them. If after the failure of their project with FETÖ, the operation they are carrying out through the PKK/PYD also fails, they will be badly defeated.

They were unable to hit Turkey from the center and if they fail to hit it from the south as well, their plans to destroy Syria, apply the new map and then open the Turkey front will go down the drain.

We are face-to-face with an extremely gigantic game. This gigantic game is why Turkey has been dealing with so many issues on the inside in the last decade. Turkey, which they tried to suffocate inside by keeping it busy with coup discussions, the Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 coup attempts and the most recent July 15 disaster, repelling all internal interventions and turning toward the threat coming from its southern border is one of the most substantial geopolitical moves in the Republic’s history.

July 15 and the corridor are ‘ally attacks’

This intervention should not be left unfinished. Our minds should not be confused with deviant formulas to turn us back half way. It should not be possible for them to stop us with new “Syria modellings.” We should not fall prey to the “internal invaders’” game again. We should not believe their fancy statements, friendship/alliance tales or their distraction tactics. FETÖ, the PKK/PYD and Daesh are all hitmen of the same big scenario. We should beware of traps that will open the door to one terrorist group while fighting another.

We should always keep in mind that these traps are set by allies. We should never forget that July 15 was an “ally attack.” If we forget that all the dirty plans, including dragging the country into civil war and destroy it through a deviant group, eliminating all of Turkey’s current political cadres, punishing the people, killing President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, were made in ally capitals, we may never have the chance to see these days again.

The operation should have been conducted a year ago

Such an intervention on Syria should have taken place last year the latest. The map had become clear even back then. We shouted at the top of our lungs around about that time, but could not get anybody to hear us. We were subjected to accusations such as “war mongers.” This was how those who waged a war on Turkey had accused and neutralized those who made calls for a country defense.

The intervention started a year later. If July 15 had not happened, it would not have even started. And then we would have faced a disaster. The global will, that consigned the south of the border to the PKK and the north to FETÖ’s commissioned officers, was going to eliminate Erdoğan, dissolve the power and mechanisms uniting Turkey and commence its plan to turn the country into Syria.

This intervention is our last chance

If we negated July 15, then we are obligated to negate the threat coming from Syria too. If we fail to do this, July 15 will be repeated or the chance to clean the remains of that coup will be wasted.

If this operation is wasted, Turkey will never again find such an opportunity. This is the last chance. Now, the coup plotters along with the PKK/PYD, Daesh and the global will behind it are all trying with all their might to reverse this opportunity. We know what the identified threats and who the powers behind them are.

However, we are yet to fully identify the “invaders” on the inside, the local leg of the operation and the organizations that will be activated from now onward. Turkey is at the last bend. If we cannot turn this bend and fall for the old diplomatic patterns and ally relationships, we may never again find the chance to save this country.

We will burn if we believe the new lies

Therefore, eliminating the threats in northern Syria is our sole priority; it is our only way out. We should avoid being fooled by those “smarty-pants’” game again. Otherwise, our people who have stood up against even the heaviest attacks from both within and without will be greatly disappointed.

Note that the suggestions from the U.S., that started off hesitantly and are announced through media leaks, will, a while later, be voiced louder and promoted by the buyers on the inside and that they will be aimed at halting Turkey.

We should leave aside the hundreds and thousands of calculations and never allow the Euphrates Shield operation to be weakened.

If we believe, if we take the bait, we will be in trouble.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper. 

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Wednesday, August 31, 2016)