Qatar Not Enthusiastic about Jordanian Official’s Visit

Qatar refused to receive one of the officials in the Jordanian Royal Court,within the framework of a visit to break the political deadlock between the two countries in light of a rupture at the level of political contacts between the two countries, reported Rai Alyoum newspaper.

“Without a formal Qatari refusal to receive King Abdullah II Office’s senior official, Amman felt that Qatar is not in mood to receive the Jordanian Royal envoy to the UAE, Dr. Abdullah Wreikat, and the exploratory visit was postponed“, diplomatic sources told Rai Alyoum.

It seems that the goal of the visit was to put an end to the deadlock and complete the negotiations with the Gulf countries prior to the expected determination of the aid of Gulf Cooperation Council to Jordan, estimated at 5 billion dollars during 5 years. According to The New khalij, the Jordanian officials felt a lack of commitment from Qatar to fulfill its share which is around $ 1.25 billion dollars.