Game over: The July 15 resistance reached Jarabulus

By: Ibrahim Karagül*
The plan to make a secret agreement with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian wing, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and turn the Syria war into the “Turkey war” was negated with this operation. The U.S., which has placed a traditional ally like Turkey in the enemy category and announced its partnership with terrorist organizations, has been left alone with terrorism, in shame. I have never before in the last 20 years witnessed the U.S. being in such a disgraceful state in this region.The ‘point to Daesh and hit with PKK’ era is over

The partnership of the U.S., which was behind the July 15 coup and civil war attempt and caught red-handed, with terrorists has been clearly revealed. The U.S., which attempted to perpetrate a coup through the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) leader Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists and tried to play out a scenario to divide Turkey and prepare a civil war atmosphere, has tried to siege Turkey by building the North Syria Corridor jointly with the PKK.

This is a plan as lowly and as treacherous as the July 15 attack. The “point to Daesh and make room for the PKK/PYD” plan is now over with yesterday’s operation. Because Turkey started the biggest geopolitical intervention since the Cyprus intervention and struck a heavy blow on the multinational scenarios in its south. The U.S. and the West’s entire dirty laundry directed at our region have been revealed.

That siege is going to be broken

The operation that initially targeted Jarabulus is the attempt to break this siege. Yes, that siege is will be broken, that corridor plan will be ruined and their map plan will blow up in their face. Turkey should not stop. It should negate not only the plan in Jarabulus, but all the U.S.-PKK joint plans in the region stretching from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean coast.

Because these plans are aimed to divide both Syria and Turkey. Hence, the PKK/PYD activity starting from Afrin to Qamishli needs to be stopped, the demographic intervention in the region must be prevented. Because these forces are once again going to be used in an open war against Turkey at the first opportunity, and strike Turkey both from within and without.

The same struggle against the PKK on the inside should be continued on the other side of the border, too. The imposition that the PKK and PYD are two separate organizations is an effort to blind. The majority of the terrorist attacks within Turkey, a significant number of the invasion attempts in the southeast, have been carried out by PYD cadres. Hence, even if it is called the PYD, it is an internal threat.

The July 15 resistance on Syrian territory

Those who resisted the July 15 coup and civil war attempt are today resisting the siege in the south, breaking the siege and negating it. Because both the coup attempt and the resistance against it are continuing as is. The struggle in Istanbul and the struggle in Jarabulus are no different.

The powers behind the July 15 attack and the power behind the siege in the south are one and the same. They are both U.S.-backed. They are both aimed at destroying Turkey. They have both been conducted through terrorist organizations.

Those who used Gülen and his terrorists on July 15 have used the PKK (PYD) and Daesh in the siege in the south. Had July 15 been successful, they were going to launch heavy attacks from the south against Turkey through these organizations and attempt to invade it.

Beware of secret partners, PYD cryptos

This is why the will that negated that multinational intervention on July 15 is now intervening in Jarabulus to negate the sliest game set up against Turkey.

Be careful, those who are trying to erase July 15 from our memory won’t allow a single word to be said against the PKK and PYD and are playing a role in the covert operations aimed at negating this intervention by Turkey. The secret partners of July 15 are also the secret partners of this siege. These are the groups I refer to when I say PYD cryptos. This group that I define as the “new parallel circle,” is one that is within Turkey but is from the outside and is directed from the outside.

Turkey is patient, but it is a powerful country. The statement that while it is fighting FETÖ on the inside it is “getting stuck in the quagmire of Syria” on the outside, does not reflect the truth. On the contrary, Turkey, which has been under the control of Gülenist commissioned officers across the Syrian border, escaped a very fatal danger and has been able to start counter-operations. It would not have been possible to carry out this operation before those officers were gone and before that purge took place.

They are invading countries with three organizations

Even though Turkey was a little late, it made an extremely clever maneuver. This operation must go as far as possible with Syria’s territorial integrity intact and in communication with the countries in the region. The “pro-corridor” groups should not be allowed to confuse minds and this strategic move should be concluded.

I personally had no concern regarding military capacity. We are in a world where countries are being invaded through three organizations. We are aware of a country that is trying to overtake Syria through the PKK and Daesh. Military capacity is not the issue: it is the political/diplomatic betrayals. This is where the real danger lies, this is where they plan the covert operations. This was the method used to occupy Turkey until now.

Biden, your boys hit Gaziantep!

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s discourse on friendship in Ankara does not interest us at all. We are not going to believe those statements; this country was played with those statements for years. Biden saw yesterday how the terrorists they support bombed the Parliament. He knows how the terrorists they support hit Gaziantep. That attack was carried out to stop operation Euphrates Shield – and Biden knows this too.

He came to a country hit by terrorism, representing a country that is in partnership with terrorists. He gave instructions to the PKK/PYD, even while he was in Ankara. The organization immediately made a statement and announced they are going to “withdraw to the west of Euphrates.” So who is directing the terrorist organizations?

What friendship are you talking about?

I had said, “July 15 is going to change not only Turkey’s political history, but the entire region’s political history.” See; it is changing it. The first steps are being taken. Biden’s statement, “We are your only friend” no longer has any meaning. We understood, even if late, that we received the heaviest blows from friends. We saw that that greatest threat came from our allies.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who had said, “You will never be able to make this country kneel,” said, “Those who released the terrorist organizations on us should know that this game has now been revealed,” while Biden was in Ankara. Is there any word beyond this?

This operation is enthusiastically supported by the entire country. Turkey is advancing and Daesh and PYD are withdrawing. They are going to withdraw even further. Because they know what will happen if they don’t…

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Thursday, August 25, 2016)