Egypt Releases an Israeli Convict Smuggling Ammunition through Taba Crossing

At the time Egypt abducted four Palestinian people (related to Hamas movement) after they have crossed Rafah border crossing, an Egyptian court in al-Arish freed the Israeli contractor who was arrested by the Egyptian border guard forces 18 days ago, reported Masr Al-Arabia citing Yedioth Ahronoth.

The Israeli contractor was trying to pass Taba crossing with 63 gun bullets.  According to the Israeli newspaper, Fouad Kaiser, 40 years old, denied the charges against him, claiming that someone put the ammunition into his car.

Kaiser, who is an Arab Israeli resident of al-Maghar town, northern occupied Palestine, works as a  contractor.
The Israeli newspaper said that his release came after the political pressure exerted by the Israeli Druze politician and the member of the Knesset from the Likud party, Ayoub Kara-who also served as the deputy minister of regional cooperation.

Right after the arrest of her husband, “Amal”, the Israeli convict’s wife, went immediately to Ayoub Kara after her return with her two children from Taba.

A few days ago Kara contacted Kaiser’s family and told them that the Egyptian police has accepted Kaiser’s story and won’t extend his detention.

The deputy minister of regional cooperation also said that since the first day and after reviewing the case with the Egyptian authorities, “I realized that there is no crime in the first place, and all what happened was due to the goodwill.”

He also said that he has calmed down Kaiser’s wife and his family; told them that few days will pass and Fouad will return peacefully.”

In the same context, the Israeli official said, “I thank the Egyptian authorities that proved that the Israelis’ arresting procedures pass through practical and legal investigations that are highly appreciated.”

Moreover, the Israeli newspaper praised the “balanced policy” for Egypt’s FM Sameh Shoukry who didn’t consider Israel policies should be described as terrorism during his meeting with High School top students at the foreign ministry headquarters.

On the contrary, Al Jazeera streamed on Monday a photo that showed two Palestinians abducted by Egypt a year ago. The photo was taken from a security facility in Cairo. It showed two of the four Palestinians allegedly captured, one bald-headed and the other bearded, both appearing half naked.

In this context, Hamas resistance movement placed the responsibility for the well-being of the four on the Egyptian authorities.