If one day they pack Gülen in a box and send him…

By: Hasan Öztürk*

As the Prime Minister of the minority government, the very same Ecevit sent Fetullah Gülen an urgent message 45 days later and said, “Go to America immediately.”

Now let’s discuss the issue in a cold-blooded attitude.

At the time Öcalan was ironically packaged and sent to Turkey, Ecevit’s party was working towards the elections. In April of that same year, Ecevit’s party was elected the leading party after the PKK terror organization leader was delivered to Turkey. The 57th government was founded as a coalition.

Around the same time, only 45 days later, the leader of the FETÖ, Gülen, was urgently sent to America.

The Prime Minister of the minority government, Bulent Ecevit, said, “You have to go urgently” and Feto left. That was the last time he was seen here!

We talk about a “superior mind” and how this “superior mind” has made many symmetric and asymmetric moves till today. In 1999, Öcalan was delivered to Turkey with an operation Ecevit didn’t understand. But, interestingly enough, the same Ecevit urgently warned Feto and sent him off to the States.

You should also note that Feto had said, “The first person I will intercede into heaven with me will be Ecevit.”

That day the superior mind gave one in return of the other…

Well, what about today?


On the last night of the rallying against the coup, President Erdoğan called out to the U.S. saying, “Either Turkey or Feto” during his talk at the Presidential Palace.

After this statement, Feto doesn’t stand a chance to live in Pennsylvania anymore.

Feto is harbored in America, he really is!

85 boxes of evidence was sent to the U.S about FETÖ.

“They will also one day pack Gülen in a box and send him.


So the question now is:

What will they seek in return for sending Gülen?

Chess is played very roughly among the world powers. And the “superior mind” is playing this game of chess very determinedly.

The July 15 coup attempt staged by the FETÖ terror organization was repelled by the people led by President Erdoğan.

The PKK terror organization didn’t execute any attacks during this period.

After Erdoğan visited Russia, we started hearing of attacks in the east and south-east of Turkey. Moreover, we started to hear threats like “We will go into the cities” from Qandil.

It is clear that the “superior mind” decided to use the PKK since the FETÖ organization couldn’t succeed in its coup attempt.

The best answer for this obviously was “Go ahead! Come on all of you.” This points out that we aren’t just dealing with one terror organization, but several of them.

Therefore, we may have ended our duty rallying in the streets, but our duty to safeguard our country continues.

It is clear that Apo will come and Gülen will go, the PKK will stop and FETÖ will attack… And maybe new terror organizations will step into the picture.

But this nation will stand against this all.

The whole country is the resistance line. Defending your country comes from faith!

This country’s faith is strong.

G20 is a good platform to explain FETÖ

The Erdoğan- Putin meeting was originally planned to be held in September during the G20 Summit in China. The July 15 coup attempt advanced this meeting date to a closer date.

But the G20 Summit still holds importance for Turkey.

However, nearly all of the Western world has turned a blind eye to the coup attempt in Turkey.

If the coup had succeeded, they would have danced with joy.

It wouldn’t be a wild guess to say that the President will certainly discuss the coup attempt with leaders at the G20 Summit.

Because we know the reason for the world leaders not coming to Turkey to show their support after the coup attempt.

We also know what kind of lobbying the coup supporters in Europe and other cities in the world are doing.

After all that is being said, I believe that President Erdoğan will go fully prepared to explain the FETÖ terror organization and the July 15 coup attempt to the world leaders during the G20 Summit.

*Hasan Öztürk is a Turkish columnist. He writes columns for Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak on Friday, August 12, 2016)