Battle for Aleppo: Syrian rebels liberate regime’s artillery base

Battle for Aleppo: Syrian rebels liberate regime's artillery base

A coalition of Syrian Islamist rebel groups has said it stormed an artillery base in the strategic city of Aleppo to try to end a government siege, as 300.000 civilians are trapped after Assad regime cut the last supply route.

Opposition fighters were able to fully liberate the Artillery College only two hours after launching a new battle to gain control over the college which is located between the liberated areas and the eastern neighborhoods to the southwest of Aleppo, according to Orient News.

After a suicide attack by a fighter from Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, both Arming College and Data College were liberated, in addition to Officers’ Building within the college, coinciding with gaining control over al-Shirfeh quarries in the surroundings of the college.

Assad regime forces and allied Iranian militias made a series of retreats from the Artillery College, after tens of infiltrators pierced the first and second defense lines and stormed the gate of the Artillery College, according to activists.

Video footage released by the rebels purports to show fighters inside the facility, inspecting captured weapons and equipment.

Rebel groups are trying to reconnect an encircled area in the east with rebel-held territory in the west. With this move, the rebels are closer to break the siege.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, said part of the base had been taken.

But the Syrian army said it had repelled the assault, inflicting heavy casualties on the rebels.

Syria’s state-run media said the attack had been foiled and many insurgents had been killed.

This development comes only a few hours after opposition fighters declared launching a new assault on the Artillery College aiming at gaining full control over it in order to eventually break the siege of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.



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