Assad-Russian airstrikes kill dozens of civilians in Aleppo

Assad-Russian airstrikes kill dozens of civilians in Aleppo
Aleppo has been under daily attacks by Assad regime and its Russian allies in the past months.

Russian and Assad regime’s warplanes heavily attacked residential areas in Aleppo in the past two days, as the Wednesday’s death toll rose to reach 40 civilians in different areas of the province.

“Wednesday death toll caused by the Assad terrorists’ attacks and Russian warplanes’ airstrikes rose to 40 civilians and more than 100 injured, Abdul Nasser, a Syrian activist in Aleppo confirmed.

Aleppo Today Facebook page posted a video showing flames devouring buildings in al-Mashhad neighborhood. Everything was visible despite the attacks took place on Wednesday night. “Russian is slaughtering civilians in Aleppo en masse,” an activist said in the video.

Saleh al-Deen neighborhood witnessed the heaviest Assad artillery shelling on Wednesday. Tens of buildings were reduced to rubble while no specific figures of deaths were reported.

In al-Saleheen neighborhood, one civilian was killed and more than five were seriously injured after Assad warplanes dropped cylinder bombs on the main roundabout of the neighborhood, a witness said.

Assad vacuum missiles also attacked Ba’adeen neighborhood. No casualties were reported.

On Thursday morning, Russian warplanes attacked Kafr Hamra, and Anadan, many casualties were reported.

Russian jet fighters carried out on Thursday airstrikes on two internally displaced persons’ camps to the west of Aleppo near the Turkish border, Syria Live Network (SLN) reported.

The airstrikes killed at least two children and injured thirty more civilians near the town of al-Atareb. Some tents were damaged and burned as a result of the strikes as well, according to SLN.

Russian forces have intensified attacks on Aleppo and its countryside targeting civilian-populated areas, market places, and hospitals, as rebel fighters launched a couple of days ago a wide offensive to break the siege laid by Assad regime on the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

According to UN estimates, around 450.000 Syrians were killed in the past 5 years of the crisis. About 12 million lost their homes, 7 millions of them became refugees scattered in the neighboring countries and other parts of the world.