Don’t close that building, destroy it!

Ibrahim Karagül*

Until now they were “internal invasion” apparatuses. They were used as a foreign intelligence network. They tried to collapse Turkey from the inside. They invaded Turkey and conducted an operation with their spies placed in all state apparatuses, all nerve endings of the society, in every corner of the country, hiding there, to deliver the country to their master.

From now on they are going to be used for attacks directly from the outside. They are going to be open enemies. They are going to organize joint attacks with terrorist organizations. They are going to organize suicide attacks, sabotages and assassinations together with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and all other organizations.

There is a plan to prepare the atmosphere for civil war

They are going to prepare the atmosphere for civil war and attempt acts that will form the grounds of the social conflict. It is said that very soon, Gülen’s soldier and police terrorists and PKK terrorists along with the other organizations in the rural areas of the Black Sea are going to attempt attacks, and those affiliated with the Gülen group are going to give them logistic support.

They were the gunmen of the West’s plan to end and destroy Turkey through a military coup. It was an attempt to bomb Parliament, kill President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and destroy the country. These scumbags have become the puppets of the dirtiest scenario in Anatolian history. They could not succeed. Now they are going to be released on the ground for the terrorism and civil war theory. They have long been given their roles and are preparing for their part. Gülen and his terrorist organization are going to become the main elements of the terrorist attacks in the southeast, they are going to spill blood and take action for the sectarian civil war scenario.

They hit Turkey with the ‘Cosmic Room’

They have been fired and are continuing to be fired in a dishonorable way from the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), public institutions and the civil sphere.

They are going to be treated as traitors everywhere they go. They are going to be alienated and cursed. We now understand that all of the operations they carried out until today were to steal information – they spied on behalf of the U.S., stole Cosmic Room information and gave it to them. The terror directed at Turkey, the plots on the inside, the activity in the region, were all carried out using this information provided by them.

Those on the outside, all of those hiding themselves are going to continue to carry out their intelligence duty. Who knows what other dirty plots, relationships, and partnerships are yet to be revealed. Part of today’s fiercest Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) opponents’ secret relations are also going to be decoded.

How they worked with them even after Dec. 17, how they tricked the government, how they protected them are all going to be disclosed. How some of today’s most vehement figures had expectations from that grand plot against Erdoğan and his team, how they secretly maintained their hopes that FETÖ would succeed even after Dec. 17 are all going to be revealed.

FETÖ members have the most pro-Erdoğan slogans

They believed that Erdoğan would somehow quit and be defeated and they always hid this. July 15 was a great hope for them. The booty they would receive, the position they would take and even the sphere of power they would reach were determined and agreements were made. This is why the biggest difficulty in this struggle is two-facedness, hypocrisy, and fraudulence.

Whoever from among them was beside you, close to us on the night of July 15, informed what we did and what we said at that moment simultaneously to their coup centers. This is how they worked. I am looking at the well-known types; they are waving flags at the very front lines in the democracy and martyrs watches and making the most pro-Erdoğan slogans. If we believe them, if we become convinced by them, we are going to experience a major destruction in the next wave. The tragedy we witness that day will be nothing like the one today.

Who prevented that purge?

The institutions are being cleansed now. The state is being purged. Why did it not happen until today? Did we have to wait for July 15 for this cleanse to take place? The threat had been identified, the danger was understood. Who prevented those dismissals, the purge while Erdoğan was making calls?

President Erdoğan announced yesterday that the Telecommunications Authority (TİB) will be closed down. It as an intelligence base, a foreign operation sphere and was used against Turkey for years.

On March 5, 2014, I wrote a column about the TİB titled, “Destroy that building.” I wrote:

“There is a department called the Telecommunications Authority (TİB) and a building where all intelligence operations are carried out. A building where everybody using a phone and the internet are held under record. Thousands were listened to, diagrams were drawn, lists were prepared and maybe thousands of people whose names were on the list and distributed to organizations were going to be taken in.”

They managed us all from that building

All of these people are being monitored from this building. All of Turkey is under record at this building. Those who manage that building are managing us all, reaching private information and controlling all conversation traffic. Whatever kind of building this is, whatever kind of state institution it is and whatever kind of management and staff it has, everyone is on record and filed through this building.

The state could not protect its citizens. It could not protect its building and control those working at this institution. Both the building and its management were under certain people’s control and those certain people set up a trap for the nation, for all of us.

They took all private communications under control. They eavesdropped on everybody through here with court rulings they got for who knows who. Court rulings were brought for 100, 500 people and those managing the place signed them without even bothering to look at the names. Nobody looked to see what was being planned here.

Uncontrollable building

How will those who designed the building, those who later managed it, those who took over the building and used it for their own purposes, those who laid the fiber lines who knows where they lead to under it, those who know what the thousands of cables are good for, those who cannot know or learn to what they transmit to which addresses, answer to the people?

They transferred even the management of the building to the obvious countries on the outside. They gave all communication in their hands and did not even doubt them. It is said that uncontrolled eavesdropping was taking place at the building, that it was not possible to supervise this or take it under control and that the building structure or those added later would not allow this, and that those providing service from the outside monitored not only those who they wanted but all communication.

Destroy that building

The clear result is that the institution through which all telephone numbers in Turkey go through, cannot be controlled or supervised even if you change all its staff and management and terminate the contracts of all companies working from outside. This is both physically and technically impossible.

Then everything from those made this building, those who installed the system and those who managed it from the day it was installed to all the companies that worked with this department, need to be questioned. Since the building cannot be taken under control or be supervised, since the system cannot be changed, since it is not possible to determine where the thousands of cables lead, then there is only one option left:

Destroy this building!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Wednesday 3, 2016)