One says the US is not involved, the other refrains from saying Gülen is

Let us ask this question to which everybody knows the answer in another way. Why did Germany, which permitted Murat Karayılan, a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization leader, to speak via teleconference in 2011, not give permission to the president of the Republic of Turkey?

Everybody living in this country more or less knows the answer to this question. And, in fact, not only this, they would also know why the West does not call the coup in Egypt a coup and why the coup perpetrator Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi was greeted by Germany with a red carpet.

Yes, everyone living in this country knows all this. The villager, the worker, the tradesmen, the paper collector, they all know, including the “red-light children” trying to earn money by selling items to drivers who stop at the traffic lights.

It is only the “trouble maker intellectuals” and “Fethullah’s intellectuals” who do not know. They actually do know, too, but would not say it out of their obstinacy. They would gloss it to twist the truth. Because this is their duty.

It is because of this duty that they almost destroyed themselves trying to hide the ugly face of the West, especially since the 1991 Gulf War.

They worked like carnival magicians – especially in the last 10 years – for doubtless submission to the West.

What we mean by the West is, of course, not the peoples living in the West. I mean the “racist Zionist network” that subjects them to informational slavery as well. Hence, we can never quit telling the truths to the Western public. We must utilize every means and way for this sake.

For example, if the U.S. public knew properly how Fethullah Gülen massacred innocent people in Turkey, they would not want him in Pennsylvania for even an hour.

You saw how they had Gülen on CNN International and made him call the ruthless slaughter of 237 of our people “play,” simply to prevent the international community from waking up.

After all that happened in the U.S., for instance, even though it was revealed that the coup plotters wanted our Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar to speak with Gülen on the night of July 15, they still want proof in order to return the terrorist living in Pennsylvania.

In short, no evidence is enough to convince the U.S. that Gülen was behind the coup.

Also, no evidence is enough to convince our Mr. Etyen that the U.S. is behind the coup.

He says that the previous coups being carried out with U.S. approval, Gülen’s residence in the U.S. and the value of the cosmic secrets obtained by Gülenists for other countries, do not have a power of causation that the U.S. is behind the “Gülenist coup.”

Even though he says, “Nobody can guarantee that the U.S. really was unaware of the Gülenist coup in advance and it would not be convincing either…” in his column in question, his inability to find the “power of causation” that the U.S. is behind the “Gülenist coup” really drowned me in hopelessness. In fact… Convincing Mr. Etyen that the U.S. is behind the coup seems to me to be more difficult than convincing the U.S. that Gülen is behind the coup. Still, I am not totally hopeless, because both science and Mr. Fehmi are developing by the day.

Contrary to Mr. Etyen, Mr. Fehmi is not very sure that Gülen is behind the coup – he uses quite ambiguous expressions. But he is sure that the U.S. is behind the coup.

In his column the other day, he included the Turkish proverb that directly translates as, “Fault turned into a sable skin coat and still nobody wore it,” to explain that simply because the U.S. did not assume responsibility for the “failed” coups, it does not mean that it was not behind them.

In the said column, he cited a passage from May 27 coup plotter, National Unity Committee (MBK) member Sami Küçük’s memoir: “I was the MBK member who most frequently met with foreigners and primarily Americans, as I had graduated from the [U.K.’s] Royal Military Academy, worked for three years at the U.N. command in Tokyo where all personnel were American, and worked at the General Staff and National Defense Ministry protocol branch in Turkey. Every time I asked whether the Americans made any statements and implications to encourage us towards revolution in the meetings I had along with the other English-speaking MBK members, the response was always ‘no.’”

After this, Mr. Fehmi did not neglect a little “mockery.” “How lovely, isn’t it? He asked and his friends said, ‘No, there is no U.S. finger behind it…’”

What do you think, Mr. Etyen? Is it lovely?

*Salih Tuna is a Turkish journalist and writer. He writes columns for  Yeni Şafaq Turkish newspaper)
(Published in Yeni Şafaq on Tuesday, August 2, 2016)