Egypt’s PM Misstates the Country’s Actual Rank on Transparency International’ s CPI

A statement that was released Monday on Egypt by Transparency International -the global coalition against corruption- said that Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail misstated Egypt’s actual rank on the annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Egypt’s Prime Minister announced On 31 July 2016 that his country had significantly improved its rank on Transparency International’s CPI.

He said that the implementation of a National Anti-Corruption Strategy, launched in December 2014, has improved Egypt’s ranking in the Transparency International report, moving the country up from 113th to 84th place out of 176 countries.

Transparency International said that the correct ranking of Egypt in 2015 is 88 out of 176, an improvement over 2014 when it ranked 94 out of 175.

In fact, a country’s rank indicates its position relative to other countries included in the index and each year that number can change.

The global coalition against corruption stated that having more or fewer countries on the index can significantly alter a country’s ranking. The sources of information used in the index determine the number of countries track.

What matters is the country’s score. In 2015, Egypt’s score dropped to 36 out of 100 from 37 in 2014. “This puts Egypt at the lower end of the index indicating a significant problem with the perception of public sector corruption,” according to Transparency International.