Battle for Aleppo: Syrian rebels advance against Assad regime

Battle for Aleppo: Syrian rebels advance against Assad regime

Syrian rebels announced on Sunday launching a major offensive in order to break the siege laid by Assad regime on the opposition-held parts of Aleppo, according to the operations room of Jaysh al-Fatah.

Jaysh al-Fatah started twenty days ago to put an alternative plan to break the siege laid by Assad regime on Aleppo. All the faction of Jaysh al-Fatah are taking part in the battle launched according to the plan, the spokesperson of Jaysh al-Fatah said.

Opposition fighters captured on Sunday al-Hikmah School to the south of Aleppo, in addition to a number of surrounding strategic hills, according to activists.

Jaysh al-Fatah targeted the assembly points of Assad regime and allied militias in the school near to Mo’tah Plateau with two car bombs, killing dozens of Assad forces and injuring many.

Opposition fighters were able to break the defense lines of Assad regime. They were also able to cease strategic points in al-Mahabba and Uhud plateaus, south of Aleppo, amid heavy shelling by Assad warplanes.

Al-Hikmah School is considered a major center for Hezbollah militia and the Iranian Guards. It was used as a departure point for them to launch attacks on opposition areas.

Jaysh al-Fatah also declared gaining control over Uhud and Societies plateaus in addition to Rockets Battalion to the south of Aleppo after killing a number of Assad forces, amid fierce clashes with Assad and Shiite sectarian militias.

Syrian rebels are trying to control Shiite militias’ assembly points in “Project 1070” area in al-Hamdanyya. Opposition captured the Power Station and killed more than eight of the pro-regime Shiite militias, according to the same source.

Al-Atareb residents burn tires to prevent Russian airstrikes

Residents in al-Atareb city in Aleppo western countryside burned on Sunday car tires in order to block vision of Assad and Russian jet fighters which are targeting the city on a daily basis, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

Burning tires comes in a series of similar activities performed in Aleppo western countryside and Idlib northern countryside in order to disorient warplanes and block vision, coinciding with opposition fighters’ launching of a battle to break Aleppo’s siege.

“We started burning tires trying to fend off warplanes from our city’s sky because of the recent vicious attack that Assad and Russian warplanes have been launching for the last fifteen days,” one of al-Atareb’s residents toldSMART News Agency (SNA).

“Many massacres happened in the city. The first was in the marketplace, and the second in the Industrial Area,” another resident from the city told SNA.