The second coup, Israel’s role and the collapse of the $1 alliance…

By: Nedret Ersanel *

The telephone discussion between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım being described as “it was a talk in which everyone understood each other,” reveals that both parties have put their foot down. The important point here is that Ankara now has a stronger position…
Kerry: “Some of your staff are making statements along the lines that the U.S. is behind this coup. We expect this to be corrected.”
Yıldırım: “The person responsible for this coup has been living in your countries for years. We expect you to extradite him.” (‘ABD’yle karşılıklı sitem’ (Reciprocal system with US), 25/07, Hürriyet.)
Kerry’s definition “some members of your government” is technically correct. Because, Yıldırım is a government staff member, too. The U.S. is actually warning the Turkish prime minister and telling him to “correct” the problem.
Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ’s statement, “Obama surely knows that U.S. Intelligence and the Foreign Ministry are aware that Fethullah Gülen planned this coup,” is no different to Yıldırım’s statement, but this specific statement was overlooked: “All the great powers are aware of this information.” (24/07)
Finally Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said: “The U.S. opposition in Turkey has seriously increased after the coup. We are trying to stop this, but this is what our people feel. I don’t want to think negatively; but if Gülen is not extradited, this will unavoidably happen.”
No matter which foreign diplomat you ask, these statements indicate that the tension between two countries is at its highest.
We proved that Russia and Turkey became strategically close after the July 15 coup attempt with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin deciding to meet in person.
It was announced that this meeting would take place in St. Petersburg on Aug. 9.
The “style of the announcement” is rather meaningful too. This meeting was announced to the Turkish public by Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek and Russian public by Deputy Prime Minister Arkadiy Dvorkovic.
Şimşek continued, “Russia is not only our important neighbor, but is also our strategic partner.” (26/07, AA.
World media will serve the meeting of the two presidents on Aug. 9 to the world as “breaking news.”
A Second Coup Attempt…
Yes; but not in Turkey!
The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement regarding Kyrgyzstan should not go unrecognized. The Gülenist Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) Central Asia endeavors are known and these countries have been warned by Ankara.
Minister Çavuşoğlu said, “They are infiltrating the Kyrgyz administration too. We warned them of a possible coup attempt. They asked for the list once again. We sent them the list again. There is a serious threat on Kyrgyzstan. They have chosen this country as a base.”
These warnings will be taken into consideration by Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries. Because Russia is warning these capital cities too.
At this point we can mention that the warnings given to Central Asia and the Caucasus is also a letter to the U.S. deployment/siege.
This is another reason for the U.S. defending Gülen. FETÖ’s leader being extradited to Ankara would mean that it would be deciphered as CIA’s shell company in other countries.
The Strongest Question: Where Does Israel Stand?
After President Erdoğan expressed to Al-Jazeera last Wednesday that some countries were behind this coup, and that the U.S. was number one on the list, Israel sat in second place of the suspect list…
This doesn’t mean we don’t find some of these references interesting…
For example, the form in which the former Turkish Air Force’s Commander Akın Öztürk once being military attache to Tel Aviv being announced by certain foreign media is strange.
No one can be condemned for this duty. But the way this information was announced by media seems to be saying something: “Turkey’s former military attache to Israel accepts his role in the failed coup attempt!”
(‘Former Turkish military attaches to İsrael admits organizing failed coup’, 19/07, The Algemeiner.)
Many experts on the Turkish-Western alliance, some of whom I have personally spoken to, say that things will get better before the breaking point.
But they do confirm that the tension is at its peak. If the outrageous attack that comes to Turkey and the president from the U.S/Europe is trying to bring Turkey to its knees (since the coup was unsuccessful), then things can get rough.
In such a situation the West should see that; the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, the Caspian, South Russia, the Middle East and the East Mediterranean will all collapse…

* Source: YeniSafak, Turkey