They are forcing Turkey into a Doomsday War

By: Ibrahim Karagül

The July 15 attack is not limited to Fetullah Gülen and his terrorist organization alone. Gülen’s terrorist cells, which have been bred for years in civilian and military bureaucracy, were activated for a much greater, global scale project.

The engineers of the project targeted President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for “ruining the game.” Since they know that the Turkish society’s unifying, the uniting power will disappear and become open to the operation in his absence. They planned to first eliminate him and his cadres and then launch Turkey’s destruction process.

Just as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has been part of a scenario for years, Gülen and his terrorist organization have similarly been used against our country and nation as a trump card, a destructive element, a deadly weapon.

Surrendering to infinite chaos

This is why, from the very beginning, while drawing attention to all the incidents not being limited to a “coup” and that it is a kind of internal invasion attempt, we are acting with great caution and calling all to be on alert against a dire Turkey project.

This project is a project “to turn Turkey into Syria.” It is a project to drag Turkey into ethnic and sectarian identity conflicts. It is a map project.

The invasion of Iraq, Syria’s surrender to infinite chaos, Yemen reaching the brink of division, Saudi Arabia-Iran war plots are all the main fronts of this grand project.

Iraq cannot be destroyed before Syria is destroyed. Syria cannot be destroyed before Turkey is dragged into chaos. That map cannot be drawn before the Saudi Arabia-Iran war is started. Existing states cannot be divided into three or four parts, and new states, city-states cannot be established.

Turkey’s front and the Doomsday hour!

The entire region cannot be dragged into a century-long disaster, ambiguity or poverty before Turkey is cut out, taken hostage, left helpless.

Hence, the July 15 attack is the launch date of the “chaos project” to take hostage our entire region from North Africa to Yemen, the Caucasus to the Persian Gulf, using internal invasion and civil war methods, it is the date Turkey’s front was opened.

Turkey has been subject to such an operation since Feb. 28. Ever since then, all crises are aimed at taking our country to the end, step-by-step. All U.S. and EU projects and policies aimed at the region and Turkey are focused on reaching the Doomsday hour.

Efforts to sever its neck

For years we have been writing, “The threat to Turkey comes from its allies.” Careful readers will see that the source of all short- and medium-term threats toward our country is Turkey’s allies. All of the U.S.’s regional plans for the last 25 years have harmed Turkey and been against our country. An in-depth questioning of the way the Syria issue was marketed to us in this aspect has also become compulsory.

Similar to Northern Iraq, a front is being built along our southern border and, unfortunately, this is being done by Turkey. The North Syria Corridor is a product of century-old plans to trap Turkey within Anatolia. It is the plan to rip off the neck of a Turkey that is able to lift its head up a century later and look outside Anatolia.

This plan has supporters, propagators, striking elements on the inside. These elements are not limited to Gülen and his terrorist gangs. For example, the PKK/Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) greatest support is inside Turkey and they are the inside extensions of this “siege” project.

Nobody should dare try to blind us!

Nobody should tell us the fairytale that the July 15 attack is independent from the outside and limited completely to power conflicts on the inside, limited to Gülen and his team. Nobody should impose the theory that what we experienced is the result of Turkey’s internal crises.

Nobody should dare try to blind us and confuse our people. Nobody should try and camouflage the big plans that will take our country to destruction by showing smaller targets such as pointing the finger at Daesh to blind us to the fact that they are trying to make room for the PYD.

We read and saw this. The U.S. is directly behind this attack. Turkey’s traditional allies are involved. The plans behind the attack that was ordered to Gülen are plans that are ongoing since World War I.

A Turkey-Russia war was about to happen

They tried to bury us in Syria. They used many circles on the inside for this purpose. They tried to set us up to war against Russia. This is why they downed the Russian plane. Both countries were going to be weakened through the Turkey-Russia crisis and prepared for operation. Perhaps a new Crimea war was going to be planned and Turkey was going to be taken hostage through this war. And perhaps they were going to plan an Iran-Turkey war.

They tried to create the image that Turkey is supporting Daesh, but they were the ones giving the greatest support to this organization. The raid of National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks story was also one of the stories carried out by the hands of their own terrorist gangs. They stole all intelligence information and used them against Turkey. They turned it into a country that has no privacy regarding the region. Everybody who played a part in these operations and showed support is an enemy of Turkey and a traitor.

Constant state of alert

The more we resist the more the war’s intensity increases. The more we challenge, the more they attempt attacks. It is an obligation to look not ahead of us but a little further, beyond the borders. It is an obligation to look not at the present time but a little further, to future years. I have seen no contradiction in any of these developments I observed step-by-step for the last two decades. Every crisis complements the previous one, all developments were preparations for that big day, the doomsday war.

Relations with the West, relations with the U.S. must be built on a rational ground. The Syria issue should be laid on the table once again, relations with Russia and Iran should be reviewed from top to bottom. Regional division and deviation scenarios should be read carefully and we should be in a constant state of alert against the Turkey leg of these scenarios.

The U.S. administration has been caught red-handed. Some European countries have been caught red-handed. U.S. and European media have waged open war against democracy and hid behind tanks and attempted to shape Turkey through a terrorist organization.

They have thrown in the trash everything they marketed as “Western values” through shameful articles and news. The greatest blow on Turkey’s years-long democracy struggle came from the U.S. and Europe. They all hid behind a terrorist organization, backed it, and attempted to settle scores with Turkey through terrorism.

This is the most extreme example of supporting terrorism

There is no example of such large-scale support for terrorism. There is no example of such large scale attack on democracy. There is no other example of crushing a nation under tanks. There is no other example of attacking that nation’s sacred values, bombing its parliament, massacring its people.

Those who committed these acts are Turkey’s allies. The U.S. administration which is providing the highest level protection for that terrorist leader and his gang has openly declared war against Turkey. It has declared war against the millions who have poured into the streets.

Very soon we are going to reveal and publish all details of this dirty plot. Our people are going to see the kind of threat they are faced with and who they are fighting.

Our people are going to see who are the ones instructing the coup attempts from İncirlik Air Base, who are carrying out operations from Afghanistan to Turkey, who are the ones that are supporting the operation from the inside, disguised as Justice and Development Party (AK Party) supporters, who have been using Gülen and his gang for years as an intelligence network, who attempted to kill the president.

There is a custom that buries the Crusades in Anatolia…

July 15 is going to be the beginning of the new War of Independence for Turkey. Because we are under open attack, we are resisting plots aimed to openly divide Turkey. We are face-to-face with open projects to turn the country into Syria. A wind of chaos is being openly spread to our country. Take note, from now on they are going to use as many people and groups there are that are not happy with Turkey – they are going to turn each one of them into a weapon.

July 15 is going to be the starting date of both attacks and resistance. From now on, there will constantly be attacks and we are constantly going to be in a state of alert and resistance. If they opened the doors of hell, the millennial custom on these lands is going to be activated, and our people are going to know how to show them hell! I am talking about a custom that buried the Crusades in Anatolia!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak on Wednesday 27, 2016)