Hamas Belies Claims Ascribed To Mishaal About Recognizing Israel

The Hamas Movement has categorically denied that head of its political bureau Khaled Mishaal had made remarks about its readiness to recognize the Israeli occupation state, according to Palestinian local media.

In a statement on Tuesday, Hamas described what was attributed to Mishaal about recognizing Israel as lies and fabrications made at first by Israeli news outlets. Hamas statement underlined that such “fabricated allegations are aimed at smearing the Movement and its leadership’s position.” The statement reiterated the position of Hamas and its leadership against any step to recognize the Israeli occupation and its existence on the Palestinian land.

Hamas has called on all media outlets to seek accuracy and objectivity in their pursuit of the news, especially when reporting about its positions and any remarks made by its leaders.

News websites and an Israeli newspaper as saying that Mishaal recently voiced his Movement’s readiness to recognize the right of Israel to exist and accept a peaceful solution leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with its capital in east Jerusalem.

On why Hamas rejects negotiations with the Israeli occupation, Mishaal expressed the Movement’s approval of a Palestinian state on the lands occupied in 1967, provided that the right of return is granted to all refugees and Jerusalem remains the capital of the State of Palestine. “Israel refuses to engage in talks based on the principle of returning to the lands of 1967,” he said. “This is why negotiations are futile.”

The Israeli newspaper claimed that Mishaal made those remarks during his meeting with journalists from Indian and Asian media outlets.