Iran: Kurdistan Freedom Party repels attacks by IRGC

Iran: Kurdistan Freedom Party repels attacks by IRGC
Iran Revolutionary Guards

A Kurdistan Freedom Falcons’ leader in Iran said that during the past three days “our fighters succeeded in defying an attack by the Nabi al-Akram Corps, one of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Intelligence Organization formations”.

The source added, “The Iranian regime forces carried out attacks throughout the past three days but failed to advance towards our points because our fighters showed stiff resistance and killed more than three IRGC soldiers”.

“Despite fierce clashes, there were no human losses in our army”, added the Kurdish leader, mentioning that IRCG used mortar shells, heavy artilleries and helicopters to bombard points at the Dalahoo Mountains. Thus wide space of forests were on fire.

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons leader denied what has been announced by the Iranian regime about arresting a number of the party fighters and leaders, commenting as follows, “After the huge losses of IRGC, the Iranian regime refuged as usual to making up occurrences and lies in order to boost morale of its collapsing forces and bodies and to arrest innocent civilians through spreading rumors about arresting three leaders from Kurdistan Freedom Party and Kurdistan Freedom Falcons”.

He denied these rumors and affirmed that the regime did not arrest anys member or fighter.

Iranian opposition escalates its moves

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (DPIK) called for a popular strike on Wednesday in a new step against the Mullah regime, which became a reality on ground, while Tehran recalled the French Ambassador to protest against the opposition’s conference held in Paris

Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (KFF), which is the military wing of the DPIK, announced that their fighters targeted a vehicle which was transporting a member of the Iranian parliament Hesmat Allah Bysha and a number of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) between Kermanshah province and Ilam which are both located near the borders of Iraq.

The targeting led to the killing of two IRGC officers, while the others were injured.

This escalation in the activities of the Iranian opposition inside Iran, whether through peaceful or military activities, left the Mullah regime no option but to return to the theory of conspiracy which the regime has been using to justify its dictatorial activities and atrocities inside and outside the country reaching Arab capitals.