Egyptian Govt. Appeals against a Ruling to Overturn Freeze on Famous Footballer Aboutrika’s Assets

Egypt’s State Lawsuits Authority -a body representing the government in legal cases- has appealed against a court’s ruling that canceled the decision to seize renowned Egyptian footballer Mohamed Aboutrika’s assets.

Egypt’s administrative court overturned a decision made by a government committee to seize Trika’s assets in June. However, the State Lawsuits Authority filed  on Sunday an appeal calling for the overturning of the court decision.

In May 2015, a government committee, which is tasked to manage the funds of the Muslim Brotherhood for affiliation with the banned group, confiscated the assets of a tourism company co-founded by Trika .

At that time, the government committee has stated in a published statement that the company Ashab Tours was co-established by a “leading Muslim Brotherhood” figure.

The statement claimed that the company’s manager, Mohamed al-Qadi is a “leading Muslim Brotherhood figure” who is currently in custody and accused of committing anti-state hostilities and using the company’s assets to fund “terrorist operations”. A regular allegation subjected against the members of the Muslim Brotherhood members or President Morsi’s supporters after the military coup led by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in 2013.

Aboutrika had previously challenged the committee’s decision to confiscate his assets; however, the committee had rejected his challenge. The football player then resorted to the administrative court to appeal the decision.

Later, a subsidiary of the State Council recommended in its consultative report that the administrative court accept Aboutrika’s appeal, adding that the committee to manage the funds of the Brotherhood had infringed Aboutrika’s property rights and violated his constitutional rights.

Following a September 2013 court ruling which banned the Brotherhood’s activities in the country, a committee was formed to manage the funds of the Muslim Brotherhood for affiliation with the banned group. The ruling ordered to track the activities of any association that branches from the Brotherhood, that was founded by Brotherhood funds or that receives any form of support from the Brotherhood.