Palestinians Condole Turkish Consul In Jerusalem for the Coup Attempt Victims

Scores of Palestinian citizens and national figures participated in a rally at the Aqsa Mosque to express their solidarity with Turkey and to condemn the failed coup attempt against its leadership.

The Turkish consul said in Jerusalem and several religious and national figures took part in the demonstration. The participants carried Turkish flags and chanted slogans in support of Turkey. In press remarks during the event, the Turkish consul expressed his thanks to the Palestinian people for their supportive position towards the Turkish people and their government.

In the same context, Turkish Consul in Jerusalem Mustafa Sarnıç Thursday evening received hundreds of Palestinians who offered their condolences for the victims of the coup attempt in Turkey. The mourning event was held in City Inn Hotel in Ramallah where hundreds of Palestinians including officials, military and economic figures expressed their solidarity with the Turkish people and their refusal of the coup. Anadolu Agency quoted Former Minister of Jerusalem Khaled Abu Arafeh as saying that the Palestinian people along with Palestinian institutions and government regret the fall of victims in the failed coup attempt. “We see Istanbul as Occupied Jerusalem and see Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Salah Uddin”, Abu Arafeh said. Istanbul and Ankara witnessed a failed coup attempt carried out late on Friday, July 15, by a score of the Turkish Army and was thwarted by massive popular confrontations that contributed to its failure.