Turkey coup: Erdogan, Obama discuss extradition of Fetullah Gulen

Turkey coup: Erdogan, Obama discuss extradition of Fetullah Gulen

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the extradition of Fetullah Gulen from the U.S. during a telephone call with President Barack Obama on Tuesday, the White House said.

“The president made clear to President Erdogan that the United States doesn’t support terrorists and doesn’t support individuals who conspired to overthrow a democratically elected government,” according to White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

He said Obama “reiterated once again the strong commitment of the United States to the democratically elected civilian government of Turkey” and commended the Turkish people’s effort in “defending the government and repelling the coup” last week.

Materials related to the extradition of the cleric who lives in self-imposed exile in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania were submitted to U.S. authorities by the Turkish government in electronic form, according to Earnest.

The Justice Department and other U.S. agencies are now reviewing the documents and will take action in accordance with a decades-long treaty between the two countries with respect to the extradition of criminals, the White House said.