Syrian Crisis: Former Syria defense minister visits Turkey

Syrian Crisis: Former Syria defense minister visits Turkey

Former Syrian Minister of Defense, General Ali Habib, arrived in Turkey two days ago, special sources said.

Habib came flying from the French capital, Paris, to start deliberations with the military command in Ankara.

The sources confirmed that General Habib was officially received in Ankara Airport. Turkish Chief of General Staff and the head of National Intelligence Organization, General Hakan Fidan, were present.

Turkish security officers are to discuss with General Habib the mechanism of forming an extended military government headed by him. Many regime and defecting officers will be part of that government in order to create a core for a national army, the sources added.

Sources said that after visiting Turkey General Habib flown to Russia. Analysts said that this is a stronger clue that a political solution may being prepared and would include former Syrian military figures.