Netanyahu: We Will Work on Directing the Nile Water Where Ethiopia Wants

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was received a ceremonial welcoming at the Ethiopian parliament, he  ensured in his speech that the main aim behind the construction of the Renaissance Dam, which tightens the noose on Egypt and decreases Egypt’s share of the Nile water,  is not to generate electricity as it has always been declared, but to use the Nile water in agriculture in Ethiopia under the Israeli auspices.

Netanyahu said in a video, which was translated and published by “We are all Khaled Said” Facebook page, that Israel will work on directing the water to where the Ethiopians want without any waste.

He also unveiled the plan of unifying Africa in the fight against terrorism.

Netanyahu said that many Arab countries started to recognize that Israel is their partner in the fight against armed “Islamist” terrorism, pointing out that many African countries started to call for “The return of Africa to Israel.”
During his answer to the question of Journalist Daniel Kalinacci, the managing editor of the “Daily Nation”, a Kenyan newspaper, Netanyahu said, “Israel is returning to Africa and Africa is returning back to Israel,” adding that he came to correct an imbalance situation that lasted for a long time, acting as an obstacle in Israel’s way to get close to Africa.

He continued that this goes back to the fact that Israel was one of the blacklisted countries to Africa; due to political pressure which “drove Israel out of many countries where we were too active in during the sixties and seventies of the last century.”

He pointed out that it took a long time to change, he said: “I think the biggest change has occurred outside Africa, as well as in one or two African Arab countries.”

Moreover, Netanyahu stressed that the Arab world has changed in its relationship with “Israel”, but this change was mainly unofficial, as ” Many Arab countries have started to realize that Israel is not their enemy, but their partner in the fight against terrorism, which threatens almost all countries in the region and many countries in Africa,” Netanyahu claimed.

The Israeli PM pointed out that many African countries reached the same conviction of these Arab countries, and “they also realized that Israel could become their partner, not only in the security field, but also in the development field, and in all the important fields of life for the welfare and prosperity of Africa.”