An Egyptian MP Delegation Attends the Iranian Opposition Annual Conference

Seven Egyptian members of parliament have participated in the Iranian opposition annual conference held in Paris. Thousands of Iranian opposition gather to attend one of the biggest anti-regime rallies organized by the Paris-based opposition National Council for Resistance in Iran (NCRI).

The NCRI, also known as the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran or by its acronym MeK, is classified as a terrorist organization by the Iranian government, and formerly by the EU, Canada, and the US. However, Western states no longer view the group as a terrorist organization.

Deputy Head of the Egyptian parliament Soliman Wahdan said in his statement in the Iranian opposition rally, “Our delegation came here out of our belief in freedom and defending it as Egypt supports all nations seeking freedom and all the organizations working in that field.”

Wahdan continued,” I say to the Iranian people inside and outside Iran to search for freedom and even if it needed a lot of patience, but I am sure it will be fulfilled one day, thanks to this rally that I have never witnessed before.”

He also claimed that Egypt is fighting terrorism with all its types either intellectually or ideologically as well as the organizations that harm humanity.

The Iranian opposition rally, which will last for three days, was attended by delegations of the majority in al-Bahrain and Jordan parliaments as well as European and American delegations which are against the ruling Iranian regime.